Pursuant to the Local Government Act 1972 (various sections), notice is hereby given that the next meeting of Grendon Underwood Parish Council will be a
to be held in the Village Hall, Main Street, Grendon Underwood at 19.30 on

Tuesday, 28th January 2020

[No meeting in December]

The AGENDA will be posted onto the village notice board & the Meeting Information page 3 clear days before the meeeting.

Additions to the Agenda can be requested for consideration, by using the contact form on the Councillors page, up to 7 days before the meeting.

Your Parish Council exists to represent the interests of the whole community.  But we need your input; so let us have your comments, requests, concerns, ideas. Do come along to meeetings, use the form on this web site or email your local Councillor at councillors' details.



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Trendin' in Grendon ....

We hope to use this section to highlight matters of more immediate concern to residents. Check the Parish Council meetings pages for what we are discussing currently. But if you would like to bring anything else to our attention, use the Contact form on the 'Councillors' page or email your Councillor.


Oxford - Cambridge Expressway

Residents have made Council aware of their concern over this project and Council arranged a full public meeting with the No Expressway Action Group in Grendon Underwood on 15th November 2019. Hopefully this has raised awareness of the scale and just how devastating this project would be to our local infrastructure, environment & community. BCC Councillor Paul Irwin confirmed that both AVDC and BCC have voted overwhelmingly to oppose and both have refused to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement requested by Highways England. The prospective Conservative candidate for MP for Buckingham also spoke to express his full support as well. Council is encouraged and grateful for a marvellous attendance at both meetings on 15th November 2019 and again on 24th September 2019. There does seem to be a groundswell of anger at our lack of of involvement and a real impetus to make local views count. Thanks to all who came along but now please do stay involved, come to the next meeting of Council [see above] and continue to use the contact form on the Councillors page to express support, organisational skills, suggestions or advice on how you want to proceed.

A Public Event on the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, featuring leaders of Bucks County Council, Aylesbury Vale District Council and Cherwell District Council, was held at Brill Memorial Hall, Monday 24th June 2019 at 19:30. About 300 residents fom Brill & surrounding villages attended a very hot & humid gathering. Very passionate feelings and comments were aired with keenly felt points made by residents & councillors. Minutes to follow as we get them. 

 Attended the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway presentation in Charndon Community Centre at 7pm on Thursday, 30th May 2019. All the villages in the area were represented. Everyone was shocked by the sheer scale of what is being proposed based on information Professor Rogers, Expressway Action Group, has been able to obtain hidden behind the information that is being 'fed' to the people most affected. Updated selective information as released by Highways England can be seen on the map here. As shown, the route corridor options appear to come up south of Marsh between Edgcott, Grendon and Charndon and merge and join the line of EWR at Calvert & intersect with HS2 ALL in the same area. He suggested this raod is a smokescreen for a far larger strategic plan being developed behind closed doors to make an outer ring road round London to relieve the M25, to build about 1 million houses and two'towns the size of Oxford within the corridor with resultant impact on local infrastructure, especially around Grendon, Calvert, Marsh & Edgcott. Digging will start in 2025 for completion in 2030 - unless it can be stopped. See Expressway Action Group web site or their FaceBook page if you want to have your say; https://www.expresswayactiongroup.com/ 

Power Cuts in Grendon Underwood

In answer to a query from Council, prompted by residents, our network supplier [not the energy supplier], UK Power Networks, has sent this advice.

Saye & Sele Foundation - did you know there are grants available for young people in Grendon Underwood?

The Saye and Sele Foundation is a registered charity whose purpose is to provide financial assistance to residents, under the age of 25, of the Parishes of Grendon Underwood and Quainton in connection with educational studies, vocational training and for activities that increase life skills and experiences.
Apply through the Clerk to the Trustees, Tim Friedlander, Parrott and Coales, 14 Bourbon Street, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 2RS.

SPEEDING - Go30 - Speeding down Main Street and the steadily increasing volume of traffic from developments and avoidance of the A41 / Broadway junction are perhaps the most urgent cause of concern for residents. The June Parish Council meeting continued the theme seeking ways to support a local, residents led initiative called Go30. They have a presence on FaceBook and they are active throughout the Parish. Go30 volunteers have been trained to use the Sentinel speed camera equipment and they will be using it in earnest soon. Contact them for more details or if you want to be involved. Our local police, our AVDC councillor and our BCC councillor are all on board. Get involved if you can. We will keep you posted.


Members of our local Neighbourhood Police Team and their contacts can be seen here.

There is concern over an increase in fly tipping in the village. Thanks to our Community Police team for attending the 15th November meeting to hear residents views..

Do keep vigliant over opportunist thefts from vehicles & garden sheds. Check your security measures. Lots of good advice here.

Buckinghamshire County Council News;

1. Pot Hole still a problem?
Bucks Highways have worked hard over the winter season and since but if you are still awaiting a repair, report it here using the contact form on the 'Councillors' page or go to 'Fix my Street' on the Buckinghamshire County Council web site - we have asked for all reports in the Parish to be forwarded to us by way of courtecy.
2. Active Bucks

We have been asked to draw your attention to the work of Active Bucks, a Bucks County Council initiative to get meore people active in our County. They have lots of ideas and activities of all kinds for young and not so young. Check out their web site here.

3. Rights of Way - footpaths & bridleways 

Buckinghamshire County Council is about to launch a new Rights of Way reporting system which will allow members of the public to log and track their Rights of Way problems online. Using the new online system, path volunteers can also sign up to carry out minor Rights of Way tasks and agree to undertake path surveys.

You can access the page at https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/environment/public-rights-of-way/report-a-rights-of-way-issue/ 

By all means let Council know how you get on.

EWR & HS2 & Oxford / Cambridge Expressway

Eiffage Kier, the government contractor for the start phase of HS2 [not the enabling works already in progress] made a presentation to the councils of Grendon Underwood, Marsh Gibbon, Poundon, Edgcott & Quainton on 5th September. Their handout can be seen here .

Aylesbury Vale District Council News;

1. Planning Matters

Residents are recommended to regularly check planning applications in the village by accessing the AVDC Planning web site -  link on our Planning Matters page. If you have any concerns, use the contact form on our Councillors page or let a Councillor know by email. Each application has a fixed consultation period so make sure you let Council know in good time.

Should you see a development in the Parish not notified on the AVDC website and that you feel contravenes regulations, use the contact form to notify the Council. 

2. the 'Broadway' name plate has been reinstated.

3. Council was successful in its application to the AVDC New Home Bonus micro grant scheme and has been awarded £1800 for the Memorial Benches community project. Additional contributions came from the Parish Council, the Scouts, The Alistair Haddow Memorial Fund & the volunteers of Grendon Underwood - a real community project.

4. Council was successful in its application to the AVDC New Homes Bonus project grant scheme and has been awarded £16000 to upgrade the toilet facilities at the Village Hall. Other contributors are the Parish Council & the Village Hall Charity.

5. Council was successful in gaining permission to borrow £5000 interest free funding from the Ministry for communities for a full LED upgrade of village footpath lighting.

6. Council is seeking funding for improving road safety measures outside school & church. 

7. Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan [VALP] submission to the Secretary of State - You can find out more at https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/valp. You can see the VALP examination web pages at http://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/section/valp-examination 

The PSVALP 2017 can still be accessed from our Planning Page. Whilst it is yet to be adopted & depending on outcomes, Council considers many of its principles are relevant to Grendon Underwood and has therefore used it as the basis of its Planning Response Policy for large scale development applications in the village. The Policy can be seen on the Policies page.

8. Local Government in Buckinghamshire

The new Unitary Authority for the whole of Buckinghamshire (not Milton Keynes) will officially come into being on 1st April 2020. A new Cief Executive & senior leadership team are already appointed, Budget consultations continue up to end Jan 20 for approval in February. This can be accessed on their web site shadow.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/consultations. Elections to the new council will be held 7th May 2020.

9. Aylesbury Garden Town - its been nearly three years since Aylesbury was awarded Garden Town status. A number of projects are already under way derived from their 'Vision 2050' plans. Following on from the 'Vision', a 'Masterplan' will be set out on how to achieve it. They will be asking for further community input early 2020. You can see more on their social media or website on aylesburygardentown.co.uk