Pursuant to the Local Government Act 1972 (various sections), notice is hereby given that the
of the parish of Grendon Underwood will be held in the Village Hall, Main Street, Grendon Underwood on

Tuesday, 28th May 2019 at 19.00
This is not a Parish Council Meeting. Should the Chairman of the Parish Council attend, she acts as the legally authorised resident of the parish to act as chairman of the meeting, not in her capacity as Chairman of the Parish Council. The purpose of the Parish meeting is to allow representation on “parish matters” by and to those present and the meeting is open to all residents of the parish and any other stakeholders working, or with interests, in the parish. At the Annual Parish Meeting the Chairman gives a report on activity in the parish over the previous year and any plans for the forthcoming year. The Responsible Financial Officer presents the Accounts. Other stakeholders may also present annual reports, given appropriate notice to the Clerk on clerk.gupc@outlook.com.

the AGENDA is on the Meeting Information page.


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be the


to be held in the Village Hall on

Tuesday, 28th May 2019 at 19.30

Your Parish Council exists to represent the interests of the whole community.  But we need your input; so let us have your comments, requests, concerns, ideas. Do come along to meeetings, use the form on this web site or email your local Councillor at councillors' details.

We represent ALL residents of our community so we welcome any and all suggestions, comments and even criticism as our community develops & grows into the 22nd century. Our web site contains information about the Powers & Duties and responsibilities of the Parish Council, as well as much online content such as planning applications and meeting information.

We are a village of some 400 dwellings with some 880 electors on our role and their dependents. The Council is the lower tier of a three tier 'Shire County' governance system in the rolling green countryside of Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire. We are especially proud of our cherished heritage as a linear village of some historical importance. For more go to the Fact Pack

For more information on the special heritage of which we are the temporary custodians, go to Wikipedia  or the Village website here.


Privacy Statement - we are now obliged to conform to the General Data Protection Regulations - May 2018.

You can see our Privacy Statement here.

The Usual .. We provide links to other web sites to make access easier. We have no control over their content, the accuracy of any information or any opinions expressed in them.

Trendin' in Grendon ....

We hope to use this section to highlight matters of more immediate concern to residents. Check the Parish Council meetings pages for what we are discussing currently. But if you would like to bring anything else to our attention, use the Contact form on the 'Councillors' page or email your Councillor.


Saye & Sele Foundation - did you know there are grants available for young people in Grendon Underwood?

The Saye and Sele Foundation is a registered charity whose purpose is to provide financial assistance to residents, under the age of 25, of the Parishes of Grendon Underwood and Quainton in connection with educational studies, vocational training and for activities that increase life skills and experiences.
Apply through the Clerk to the Trustees, Tim Friedlander, Parrott and Coales, 14 Bourbon Street, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 2RS.

NOTICE: Poll Clerks needed to work at the European Parliamentary elections on Thursday 23 May 2019

Aylesbury Vale District Council would like to hear from people who are available to work as a Poll Clerk at Polling Stations on Thursday 23 May 2019.  The fee payable is £135.

No previous experience is required.  Poll Clerks are required to work from 6.30am to 10pm.  The job primarily involves marking the Register of Electors to show that electors have presented themselves to vote, and to assist the Presiding Officer with other electoral tasks on the day.

Further information on working at elections is available on the Council’s website at https://aylesburyvale.moderngov.co.uk/mgGeneric.aspx?MD=mgworkatelections .  Please note, polling staff will not be required to complete an e-training session for these elections.

If you are able to work, please contact Craig Saunders at Aylesbury Vale District Council on 01296 585043 or csaunders@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk  

Create a Village Archive

You have heard of “Who do you think you are?” This is more like “Where do you think you live?”

A small group of villagers, in association with restoring the church roof, are planning to update the village archive. They plan to look through what is currently available and to take photographs of the recent changes to the village, as well as work on projects about Roald Dahl, William Shakespeare and the history of the church. They would also like to put it onto digital media so that it is more accessible, user friendly and can be updated more easily. Any help would be gratefully received.

If you would be interested in helping, please contact Alan Watt on 01296 770646.

UK Power Networks - have asked Council to let you know how to contact them in the event of a power cut affecting our street lights due to extreme weather conditions. You can see their bulletin here.

SPEEDING - Go30 - Speeding down Main Street and the steadily increasing volume of traffic from developments and avoidance of the A41 / Broadway junction are perhaps the most urgent cause of concern for residents. The June Parish Council meeting continued the theme seeking ways to support a local, residents led initiative called Go30. They have a presence on FaceBook and they are active throughout the Parish. Go30 volunteers have been trained to use the Sentinel speed camera equipment and they will be using it in earnest soon. Contact them for more details or if you want to be involved. Our local police, our AVDC councillor and our BCC councillor are all on board. Get involved if you can. We will keep you posted.


Members of our local Neighbourhood Police Team and their contacts can be seen here.

There have beeen a number of opportunist thefts from garden sheds. Please check your security measures. Lots of good advice here.

VILLAGE HALL BARnow open on Fridays starting 25th May from 5 to 9pm until the Swan re-opens or until further notice.

Buckinghamshire County Council News;
1. Pot Hole still a problem?
Bucks Highways have worked hard over the winter season and since but if you are still awaiting a repair, report it here using the contact form on the 'Councillors' page or go to 'Fix my Street' on the Buckinghamshire County Council web site - we have asked for all reports in the Parish to be forwarded to us by way of courtecy.
2. Active Bucks

We have been asked to draw your attention to the work of Active Bucks, a Bucks County Council initiative to get meore people active in our County. They have lots of ideas and activities of all kinds for young and not so young. Check out their web site here.

3. Rights of Way - footpaths & bridleways 

Buckinghamshire County Council is about to launch a new Rights of Way reporting system which will allow members of the public to log and track their Rights of Way problems online. Using the new online system, path volunteers can also sign up to carry out minor Rights of Way tasks and agree to undertake path surveys.

You can access the page at https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/environment/public-rights-of-way/report-a-rights-of-way-issue/ 

By all means let Council know how you get on.

EWR & HS2 & Oxford / Cambridge Expressway

HS2 are extending thier closure of Gawcott Road into March 2019. You can see the notice with contact details here.

HS2 have offered to come along to a Council meeting to hear your concerns. Given enough interest, your Council is happy to support. But we do need to estimate numbers likely to attend. Use the contact form on the Councillors page. 

Aylesbury Vale District Council News;
1. Planning Matters

Residents are recommended to regularly check planning applications in the village by accessing the AVDC Planning web site -  link on our Planning Matters page. If you have any concerns, use the contact form on our Councillors page or let a Councillor know by email. Each application has a fixed consultation period so make sure you let Council know in good time.

Should you see development in the Parish not notified on the AVDC website and that you feel contravenes regulations, use the contact form to notify the Council. 

2. Proposed Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (PSVALP 2017) submission to the Secretary of State

After an initial period of public comment (now closed), the Proposed Submission of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan for period 2013 to 2033; issued November 2017 (PSVALP 2017) was submitted to Government on 28th February 2018 when the HMG Inspector was appointed by the Secretary of State. His examination started on 10th July 2018 and he has now indictaed his interim findings that - following some recomended changes to include more land for housing - he thinks the plan can be made sound. AVDC have responded to the findings and the Inspector will finalise his interim findings in due course. Then everyone will be offered an opportunity to comment. Timing is not available yet but they anticipate the consultation will start early 2019 with adoption of the VALP soon after that.   

You can find out more at https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/valp

The PSVALP 2017 can still be accessed from our Planning Page. Whilst it is yet to adopted & depending on outcomes, Council considers many of its principles are relevant to Grendon Underwood and has therefore used it as a basis of its Planning Response Policy for large scale development applications in the village. The Policy can be seen onthe Policies page.

3. Local Government in Buckinghamshire

 HMG are considering a radical revision of local governance in Buckinghamshire - proposing one large unitary authority for the whole of the County. There is an alternative proposal for two unitary authorities; a North Bucks and a South Bucks. The Secretary of State is now considering all the comments received before reaching a final decision over the summer.

4. Aylesbury Garden Town - they are keen to get as much community input as possible and you can see more on their social media or website on aylesburygardentown.co.uk