Your Parish Council exists to represent the interests of the whole community.  But we need your input; so let us have your comments, requests, concerns, ideas. Do come along to meeetings, use the form on this web site or email your local Councillor at councillors' details.


Tuesday 27th March 2018 @ 7.30pm in the Village Hall

We aim to be as interactive as possible so do come back regularly to see what's happening in Grendon Underwood and make your views and concerns known. Contacts on the 'Councillors' page.

We represent ALL members of our community so we welcome any and all suggestions, comments and even criticism as our community develops & grows into the 22nd century. Our web site contains information about the Powers & Duties and responsibilities of the Parish Council, as well as much online content such as planning applications and meeting information.

We are a village of some 400 dwellings with some 880 electors on our role and their dependents. The Council is the lower tier of a three tier 'Shire County' governance system in the rolling green countryside of Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire. We are especially proud of our cherished heritage as a linear village of some historical importance. For more go to the Fact Pack

For more information on the special heritage of which we are the temporary custodians, go to Wikipedia  or the Village website here.


 The Usual ..

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Trendin' in Grendon ....

We hope to use this section to highlight matters of more immediate concern to residents. Check the Parish Council meetings pages for what we are discussing currently. But if you would like to bring anything else to our attention, use the Contact form on the 'Councillors' page or email your Councillor.


Road Closure Notice: Main Street

BCC advise Main Street will be closed 24 hours a day for 5 days starting on 21st May 2018 at Lawn Farm for Thames Water works. You can see their application here.

BCC Winter Weather Update

BCC have issued a weather update. see it here.

Swan Public House

AVDC have advised the Swan Public House is now the subject of a "Public Right to Bid" and you can see the notice here. This does not mean a Public Right to Buy. Just a right to bid.


Further to recent advice on this web site regarding the discovery of drug paraphernalia in the play area of the park, we have commissioned the installation of CCTV security cameras around the Village Hall and play areas. These will be accessible by Councillors and local police as necessary via our newly installed internet connection.

Its pot hole season
See the Buckinghamshire County Council notice on our web site Noticeboard page and report your findings.
Active Bucks

We have been asked to draw your attention to the work of Active Bucks, a Bucks County Council initiative to get meore people active in our County. They have lots of ideas and activities of all kinds for young and not so young. Check out their web site here.

Planning Matters

You can see the Council objection to the Orchard Bungalow development application on the Planning Matters page.

You can see the planning applications AVDC are looking at in the village using the link on our Planning Page. 


HS2 have made another Notice of Utility Works to begin on the 9th March 2018 at the location of the new Pressure Reduction Station on Perry Hill Road located between Steeple Claydon and Calvert & will include investigative works adjacent to Queen Catherine Road, east of Steeple Claydon. This work will continue until December 2018. See the notice here.

Both EWR & HS2 are currently holding a round of public consultation pre-construction route meetings in the areas affected by their TWO depots at Calvert (HS2) and Poundon (EWR). We attend when we can to pass on residents concerns. So let us know your thoughts about the increased HGV, LGV & light trafffic passing through the end of the village down Broadway and the resultant rat run expected down Main Street. Latest proposals are summarised on our EWR & HS2 page.

As advised here, HS2 did send a representative to the Edgcott Parish Council meeting held on Monday, 26th February. Whilst there was nothing much new in the way of firm action, they did take away residents' concerns over the proposed depot construction route down Broadway and through Edgcott. We await their responses. 

VALP (Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan)

After an initial period of public comment (now closed), the Proposed Submission of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan for period 2013 to 2033; issued November 2017 (PSVALP 2017) was submitted to Government on 28th February 2018 and will now be subject to an independent examination by the planning inspectorate. There is no timing as to when the examination will be completed.

The examination is likely to include a series of hearings on what the Inspector deems to be critical issues affecting the Plan. Selected respondents will be contacted by the Programme Officer once the hearing timetable has been finalised.

During the examination period, the submission and examination material will be available to be inspected by the public and you can see the contact details here.

The PSVALP 2017 can still be accessed from our Planning Page. Whilst it is yet to become planning law, depending on outcomes, it may well become a 'new approach' to any large scale development applications throught the Vale.