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The purpose of a Parish Council is to represent the interests of the whole community.  The Parish Council pages contains information about the duties and responsibilities of the Parish Council, as well as councillors' details and  online content such as planning applications, minutes and agendas, dates and times of meetings and much, much more.

Please contact the Clerk if you have any inquiries at


Councils' Accounts: A Summary of Public Rights

The basic position

By law any interested person has the right to inspect a council's/meetings accounts. If you are entitled and registered to vote in local council elections then you (or your representative) have additional rights to ask the appointed auditor questions about the council's accounts or object to an item of accounts contained within them.

Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights

Annual Return pages 2, 3 & 5















We aim to be as interactive as possible so do come back regularly to see what's happening in Grendon Underwood and make your views and concerns known. Contacts on the 'Councillors' page.

We represent ALL members of our community so we welcome any and all suggestions, comments and even criticism as our community develops & grows into the 22nd century. Our web site contains information about the Powers & Duties and responsibilities of the Parish Council, as well as much online content such as planning applications and meeting information.

We are a village of some 400 dwellings and some 1600 residents [2011 census] and their dependents in the rolling green countryside of Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire and are proud of our special heritage as a linear village of some historical importance. For more go to the Fact Pack

For more information on the special heritage of which we are the temporary custodians, go to Wikipedia  or the Village website here.

Our church of St. Leonard (above) has stood here for about 800 years, undergoing considerable modifications over the centuries, and remains a mainstay of our community. Part of the Swan Group of Parishes around Grendon, it publishes a monthly newsletter, 'Life Together', free to all residents in the parish.

 We have a thriving Village Hall and large recreational playing field, home to our own soccer club, scout group and hosting a wide variety of other groups, clubs, entertainments and meetings. More information on hiring rates etc here.

Our 'local' pub & restaurant, the Swan, is back up and running whilst it goes through some changes of management. The landlord & his team extend a warm welcome to all.

We are home to Grendon Underwood Combined School for children from age 3 (Nursery) to 11, in the catchment area of Waddesdon Secondary and Aylesbury Grammar Schools.

We have a much appreciated Post Office & village shop run by a wonderful couple ... and Amy's Coffee Shop is just up and running at the Lawn Farm Business Centre and Amy is already getting a good number of customers. We wish her every success.

We are home to several businesses and all welcome your local patronage. We hope to have a businesss directory soon and if there is anything else you would like to see; like local births, marriages & deaths or a 'pre-used' classifieds, let us know.


 The Usual ..

 We provide links to other web sites to make access easier. We have no control over their content, the accuracy of any information or any opinions expressed in them.

Trendin' in Grendon ....

We hope to use this section to highlight matters of more immediate concern to residents. Check the Parish Council meetings pages for what we are discussing currently. But if you would like to bring anything else to our attention, use the Contact form on the 'Councillors' page.




It is with shock and some sadness that a vigilant Parishioner has reported, through this web site, he came upon a couple of items of drug paraphernalia in the play area of the park.

Unfortunately, we cannot shy away from the fact that this is becoming more and more common place nowadays. Indeed, we are not the only village in our area to have similar concerns.
Please be assured we are determined to make sure this is not a growing trend in Grendon Underwood. It has been reported to the police and we are advised our local “police team” have been made aware of our very grave concerns. The items have been removed and made safe.
We have also followed up, as a Council, with our local police to suggest they reinstate a recent initiative whereby police/prison officers were giving talks to communities and schools. We will advise progress on this site.
In the meantime, please do continue to enjoy our local amenities as usual - just keeping a common sense eye on things around you. Report anything you are worried about either by using the feedback form on this site and/or calling the police on 101. Together we will make a difference.


Active Bucks

We have been asked to draw your attention to the work of Active Bucks, a Bucks County Council initiative to get meore people active in our County. They have lots of ideas and activities of all kinds for young and not so young. Check out their web site here.

Planning Matters

There are now five planning applications live in Grendon Underwood - a total of 258  houses if all are approved.

IN ADDITION; The HS2 construction depot and the separate East/West Rail depot are currently under advisement. We will advise as information arises.

VALP (Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan) - our local plan.

Further to the Government having publishing its much anticipated Housing White Paper in in February 2017, the VALP continues to be 'under review'. No doubt things will progress when we have a new government. We can be sure, however, that the proposals will have major implications for planning decisions in the Vale. As a consequence, the timing for the final stages of development of the VALP are still to be established. Detailed discussions with Government & other Councils are on-going and AVDC will publish revised timing as soon as possible.  - Rest assured we will be pressing for details of how these proposals filter down to us ... or you can use the link to AVDC planning on the Planning page. AVDC do confirm this will alter timing for progression of the plan as shown on the Planning Page.

You can still see our response to the original Plan, as it affected Grendon Underwood there also.