The future for Seeleys House clients

In October 2016 Buckinghamshire County Council started a three month consultation on proposals to build a new Day and Respite Centre on a site in the Cressex area of High Wycombe and to close Seeleys House at the end of 2018. In July 2017 the Council announced that it would not be going ahead with the new Day and Respite Centre. In early May 2018 two pre-consultation meetings were held, one at Seeleys and one in Aylesbury.

The current position is:

  • BCC are developing a Strategy and Policy for the Short Breaks Service
  • The work done for Orchard House would help in the design of any new facility.
  • Numbers/home base are needed in order to determine the best location(s) e.g. south, mid or north Bucks
  • This will cover a whole range of Short Breaks, not just building based (e.g. Seeleys) but also shared lives and other alternatives and covering older people as well as LD (but not in the same residential respite service/facility).  Day opportunities may look to offer support to both groups.
  • Current thinking on Timescales is as follows (but it may change):
    • end May -Cabinet approval to be sought for Consultation (papers will be available on the BCC website)
    • June - 6 week consultation on strategy
    • End August - Policy developed
    • Strategy will be agreed at the end of the summer
    • early 2019 models of service
  • Generally it is thought that people want to engage with the strategy development but it is the second stage (development of the options) that is of most interest.
  • All parents present at the Seeleys meeting needed a building based service for their adult children. The group who had attended a focus group in Aylesbury two days earlier wanted other options
  • What service is appropriate for individual clients should be raised at their annual reviews (otherwise they will need a separate review to discuss this).Reviews should focus on the needs of the individuals and should look at whether current services meet that need and whether alternatives may better meet that need.
  •  The principles and objectives underpinning the strategy development are:  


    • Outcomes based approach
    • Meeting individual need in a fair and consistent way
    • Sustainable models of support
    • Improved transition to adulthood
    • Working together


    • support vulnerable adults to develop independence, learn new skills, make new friends and reduce loneliness
    • provide a choice of short breaks with a range of activities and locations at a variety of times
    • provide the right mix between traditional, often buildings based, respite care for people with more complex needs and community based short-breaks closer to home
    • ensure access to short breaks is fair and priority is targeted at those who most need it
    • improve the quality of short breaks provision and achieve good value for money
    • encourage people to try new things and access more informal or locally based support
    • support carers with their caring responsibilities
  • The policy and strategy needs to cover both social care funded and health funded clients/carers. The strategies have been drafted with health colleagues' input as well as from all the information  gathered over the past 18 months from carers and clients but they have not yet had sign off from BCC and CCG.
  • Seeleys is not yet taking young adults coming through from school (the upper age limit on children's respite has been raised) or CHC funded clients (some of whom are still in limbo!) The service will need to confirm when they are able to take new referrals.
  • The move to one (or two) unitary authorities could be another delaying factor - if the decision is for two unitary authorities it is unclear whether that would mean one or two social service departments. Further information can be found at and
  • There is a new Service Director, Operations (Karen Jackson) and an Interim Head of Communities Health and Social Care (Gillian Quinton) - a permanent appointment is unlikely before the smoke clears on the unitary authority decision.
  • Development of the Short Breaks strategy is taking priority over developing the Day Service strategy. They will be looking at all the Day services centre by centre with Seeleys being addressed in late 2018/early 2019.
  • They will be looking at wishes, needs, the market place and will make decisions centre by centre (although it is difficult to see how this can be done in isolation) and it will be a two year programme
  •  The (draft) order for the centres to be reviewed is: Aylesbury, Spring Valley, Burnham, Seeleys, Hillcrest, Chesham, Buckingham. (This is to be confirmed)

Thus it looks as if Seeleys will continue to provide a service (both Day and Respite) for at least a couple more years

00:45, 11 May 2018 by Tim Addison

Two Workshops were held at the begining of August and the notes of these workshops have been posted in the Useful Documents Future of adult social care 2017 folder. As part of the actions from both meetings BCC will be completing and distributing:

  • Terms of Reference for the project
  • 6 month communications timeline – this will outline the meetings/ workshops with dates, times and locations.
  • Updated FAQ’s – they are working on adding these to the Buckinghamshire County Council website as they will be evolving throughout the project.

At the Day Service Workshop it was confirmed that BCC acknowledges that there is a group of people who will continue to need a building based service. Also that people with challenging behaviour will not be put together with vulnerable clients (unlike what has unfortunately happened in the past). A clear request was made for us to be told what Cabinet had asked CHASC to achieve.

22:48, 23 Aug 2017 by Tim Addison

Information relating to the County Council's mid-2017 proposals will be posted in this section of this website or under 'Useful Documents'. These posts may include notes of meetings, correspondence and so on. Documents will be posted under "Useful Documents" in the  "Future of adult social care 2017" folder. For example the notes of the meeting held on 17 July, a set of FAQs and a letter inviting people to the initial workshops are included.

When writing to the Council it is helpful to include as an addressee so that BCC can keep a record of all submissions. If you wish to ue 'snail-mail' the postal address is

Leah Smith - Senior Commissioning Officer
Day Opportunities/ Short Breaks
Buckinghamshire County Council
5th Floor
County Hall
Walton Street
HP20 1YU

Details of forthcoming meetings will be posted under future events and will also appear on the home page.

14:48, 26 Jul 2017 by Tim Addison


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