A letter went out to families on 10 January  about the consultation on a proposal to rebuild part of the relatively new Aylesbury Opportunity Centre as a 12 bed Short Breaks (Respite) service jointly with Health and Social Care. It will have a nursing registration (so at long last CHC funded families will again have a place to go). It is not yet known who will run the service.

 BCC have set up four "events" to tell you about their plans. 





23 January 2019

7pm - 9pm

Seeleys House

24January 2019

1pm - 3pm

Seeleys House

28January 2019

10am - 2pm

Aylesbury Opportunities Centre

4February 2019

6pm - 8pm

Aylesbury Opportunities Centre

26 February 2019

10am - 12pm

Seeleys Respite


If you cannot get to an event you can:

Unlike the consultation on the Short Breaks Strategy and Policy there will be no questionnaire for this consultation. The planned timescale is that AOC would close in August this year for 12 months and that the Short Breaks service would transfer from Seeleys in August 2020.

 While the letter is headed "Residential Short Breaks Consultation - move to Aylesbury Opportunities Centre (AOC)." the implication of the relocation of Seeleys Respite is the closure of Aylesbury Opportunity Centre (for a year) and of Seeleys Day.The BCC Cabinet paper proposing this consultation  talked about the Seeleys site being worth £4.5m which of course can only be realised if the Day Centre is also closed, something that we have been fighting ever since the "Having a Good Day" consultation in 2010. Then two years ago the move of both Day and Respite Services to the Orchard House site was proposed and we did our best to ensure that it was an adequate or better replacement for both services. The current information is very vague about what happens for Day centre clients. The Cabinet paper merely said that people who need a building based service "will be supported to access a similar alternative".


So far BCC have been unable to tell me whether or not there would be any separate consultation over what happens to Seeleys Day Centre and its clients or whether they expect it to be adequately covered in this consultation. The fact that the e-mail contact for comments is shortbreaks@bcc suggests not.


12:47, 13 Jan 2019 by Tim Addison
A meeting was held at Seeleys Respite on 20 December where BCC's proposed consultation on its plans for relocating the Seeleys Short Breaks Service was outlined. Approval for this consultation will be sought from BCC's Cabinet at its meeting on 7 January and if agreed the consultation will start on 17 January. Cabinet will be asked to approve a six-week consultation on:
  • The transfer of residential short break services from the Beaconsfield site to a partial new build on the Aylesbury Opportunities Centre site
  • An integrated service jointly commissioned with Buckinghamshire CCG to be based at Aylesbury Opportunities Centre.
  • The reduction in day service capacity at Aylesbury Opportunities Centre. (a year ago we were told that it was running at 74% capacity, while Chesham and Burnham were running at 50% and 57% respectively)
Implementation of this proposal would mean temporary closure of  Aylesbury Opportunities Centre while a partial rebuild takes place. This will obviously also have an impact on the Day Centre (BCC put a value on the Seeleys site of £4.5m). BCC say that people at both Aylesbury and Seeleys Day Opportunity Centres whose needs can only be met through a building based service will be supported to access a similar alternative, either from another provider or from one of the other existing Council opportunity centres e.g.Buckingham, Burnham or Chesham (which implies that some current AOC clients will have to go elsewhere).

The relevant papers for the Cabinet can be found under Item 10 on the Agenda for the 7 January meeting. No doubt further papers will be on the Current Consultations page after the 17 January. The handout from the 20 December meeting can be found under Documents

23:32, 22 Dec 2018 by Tim Addison

This is the text of a letter sent to parents of clients who use Seeleys Short Breaks Service.

"We are writing to you because we want to tell you about our plans for the future of residential short breaks in Buckinghamshire.

As you know this service (also known as respite) is currently located at Seeleys House in Beaconsfield. However, we have been looking to move it to a more suitable building for a few years. We know this been very frustrating for many of you and we sincerely apologise.

Although we had to shelve plans to move to the Orchard House site, we have continued working behind the scenes to find a viable alternative. We now have a new plan for the re-location of our residential short break service – and want to share it with you.

What happens next?

The plan will go ‘public’ on 21 December 2018 when we publish the new proposal on our website.

As someone who will hopefully benefit from the service we wanted you to hear about these proposed plans from us first. We have arranged to talk to parents, carers and staff on the 20 December. Following feedback from previous meetings, we are not arranging for an initial formal session for service users but we would like to talk to you at this meeting on how best to engage with people using the services.

The proposal for adult residential short breaks will be looked at by Councilors at the Cabinet Meeting on 7 January 2019. Cabinet meetings are open to the public or you can view them live online.

The proposal asks Cabinet members if we can consult with you about the proposal. If agreed, a six-week consultation on how the proposal will affect current services users and their families will begin on 16 January 2019.

Your information meeting

 We would like to invite you to an information meeting [on 20 December] with Council representatives from both Commissioning and Operations. At the meeting we will tell you about our plans for relocating residential short breaks and answer any questions you may have."


00:31, 15 Dec 2018 by Tim Addison

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