Title Church Fete Weekend - RIVER DAY

The DUCK RACE will start midday-ish - pay for your ducks in advance please, midday is too late as all ducks will be quacking in the corral ready to splash off. Refreshments will be available while they paddle their way down the river.* Assemble at the Ford.

Immediately after the duck race - the TUG-OF-WAR across the river.  bring your own picnic. 

*No ducks will be harmed or stressed in this activity - in fact any resemblance to a real duck is in the mind of the observer. Many years ago all the real ducks contracted a leading bathroom accessory manufacturer to make incredibly realistic replicas of all your favorite ducks, in traditional yellow. Ducks will be sold door to door and at the fete.

Date and Time 30/06/19 from 12:00 to 13:00
Contact Steve Cox tel 400522
Location The Ford, Lower High Street
Drayton St Leonard
OX10 7BG
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