Title St. Leonard's Eve (Guy Fawkes)

The 6th of November is St. Leonard's day, so the 5th could be called St. Leonard's Eve. Obviously better known and celebrated as Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night, we celebrate each 5th of November, rather than the alternative of the Saturday before or after. Typically Manor Farm's Nick assembles a hugh fire of whole trees, trimmings and waste wood a few days in advance, in the field used earlier in the year for the Fete.  Meanwhile the firework crew is preparing - for many years Charles Dickerson organised the display, now Al Trickett has taken over, and organises a well choreographed and safe display (Viewers assemble at the football pitch and must keep inside the railings for safety). Sponsorship and donations are needed to get the biggest and best fireworks - as we all know, the bigger the better! So please contribute generously - at any time of year but especially in the weeks before the event. Of course the Catherine Wheel Pub joins in - assemble there at dusk to be sure of not missing the start, and return after the excitement. Usually some food will be available before and after the fireworks. Be early, don't miss the start! 

Date and Time 05/11/17 from 19:00 to 20:00
Location Playing field, corner of Water Lane and Stadhampton Road, opposite Catherine Wheel Pub
Drayton St Leonard
Cost Donations welcome

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