The hall was built in 1923, with monies raised by public donation within the village of Downley in memory of the 22 men who died in the Great War 1914-1918.

For details of the men on the memorial click here to visit the Buckinghamshire Remembers web site.

The land for the building was donated by Sir John Dashwood. It was a sloping site and this resulted in lower and upper floors being built. The upper area consisted of the main hall and stage and a room that served as a committee room and changing area with access to the stage. A staircase led to the lower floor which comprised a club room, kitchen and a large storage area under the main hall floor.

The services at that time comprised of two bucket type toilets, the water came from a cistern fed from the roof drainage. Heating was via a number of "Tortoise" type solid fuel stoves and lighting was via pressurized paraffin lamps. Water; drainage and lighting were all upgraded as the mains services were brought into the village.

Following the 1939 –1945 war the names of the 5 men who lost their lives during the war were added to the memorial tablet.

The management of the hall was by a management committee under the authority of the Trustees.