St Michael's Stonework Fund

St Michael's Stonework Fund


We would like to notify you of a serious problem that is slowly growing worse at one of our churches: St Michael’s, in Steeple Claydon.


The stones and bricks that make up the building are eroding, and in some places very seriously.  These urgent repairs were identified by the Diocese Architect when he made his four yearly inspection; the erosion is now becoming very serious in two places: the corner of the South Wall, and by the window on the North Transept Wall.

It can be easy to not notice something deteriorate when looking at it regularly – so do come and look at the walls afresh and prayerfully consider how you can help.

                   Below are images of our most eroded areas on the South Wall and the area by the window of the North Transept Wall

                  Erosion on South Wall                                                                      Erosion on North Wall


Due to the scale of the work this cannot be done by our normal team of volunteers.  

So many important events take place in our church such as our weekly Church Mice, monthly Messy Church and various Christmas events - as well as weekly Sunday worship, funerals and weddings that we hope you, like us, will want to keep our special building up and running.

St Michael’s is a much loved and much used church; we hope you can help support the completion of this essential repair work.

If you can help with a financial donation it can be made in two ways:

  • A cheque made payable to: “The Claydon’s PCC” marked “stone repairs” on the back. This can be dropped in at the treasurers house or passed to a church warden, member of the PCC or the Vicar.



  • A Bank Transfer can be made directly from your account to the church account; this can be done in your local branch, by telephone banking or by online banking. For Bank Account details please speak to our Treasurer Claire Moll - or email and we will forward them to you. 

Many Thanks

The members of the Claydon’s Parochial Church Council.