Youth Group

Claydons' Youth Group

 This is for young people in the community of secondary school age, and takes place at Botolph house, in Botolph Claydon.  The leaders are Emily Smith and Lyn Preston.

 We meet the first Sunday of  the month, 6-8pm.

 The young people are free to relax and chat in a fun relaxed atmosphere, where they learn about God through informal discussions and share a hot meal together.

 There is plenty of fun, for example games nights, quiz nights, bowling and sardines!!. The young people suggest ideas for the term and we try to cover as many as possible.

 There have also been fund raising events such as a 24 hour famine, car washing and a 24 hour cycling and table tennis events. All money raised has gone to the chosen charity picked by the young people.

 Transport can be arranged on request.

 If you are interested in joining the Youth Group please contact Emily (730655) or Lyn (712200)