Aylesbury Chess Club


Aylesbury Chess Club – 2017 AGM

Minutes of AGM held 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday 19th Sept 2017 at Aylesbury Ex-servicemen’s Club.

Present:- Mike Weston, Ray Wild, Eugene Bolduc, Tim O’Sullivan, Duncan Clarke, Paddy Collins, Peter Hunt

Apologies:- Martyn Royce, Michael Corbett, Chris Stothert, Stephen Peters

1)      Paddy Collins elected to chair just this meeting.

2)      Minutes of previous year’s AGM agreed.

3)      Paddy Collins elected as Secretary.

4)      Last Year’s accounts presented and agreed. Summary info from accounts:-

Income £180.01, Expenditure £254.50, Cash at Bank £11.21.

5)      Ray Wild elected as Treasurer.

6)      Club Rules agreed as per below:-

The team captain is solely responsible for team selection and his/her decision is final.

We do not run a junior section but we do welcome younger players.

A condition of membership of Aylesbury Chess Club is that as long as we continue to meet at the Ex-Servicemen’s Club that members must also become a member of Aylesbury Ex-Servicemen’s Club. The Ex-Servicemen’s Club rules state that you must be at least 18 years old to become member and it therefore follows that you need to be 18 or over to be member of Aylesbury Chess Club.

 In order for younger players to take part it is necessary for their parent/guardian to become a fully paid up member of both the Ex-Servicemen’s Club and Aylesbury Chess Club and under 16s must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

There is no additional fee payable to Aylesbury Chess Club or the Ex-Servicemen’s club for under 18s.

 Any member who plays in a league match for the club must be a current member of the ECF (English Chess Federation)

7)      Subs for 2017/18 agreed as £20.00.

8)      Tim O’Sullivan elected as Team Captain, Duncan Clarke as caretaker captain for first 2 matches because of Tim’s work commitments.

9)      Club Championship - previous year’s winner was Michael Corbett. The rules for 2017/18 season not as yet finalised. Tim O’Sullivan will provide them in due course but they will be a tweaked version of last year’s rules, the main difference being that each opponent is played just once.

We were promoted last year so now play in Bucks League division1