Aylesbury Chess Club


Aylesbury Chess Club – 2018 AGM

Minutes of AGM held 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday 25th Sept 2018 at Aylesbury Ex-servicemen’s Club.

Present:- Mike Weston, Eugene Bolduc, Tim O’Sullivan, Duncan Clarke, Paddy Collins, Chris Stothert, Stephen Peters, Martyn Royce, Callum Evans, Josef Arul

Apologies:- Ian Woodward, Ray Wild, Peter Hunt

1)      Paddy Collins elected to chair just this meeting.

2)      Minutes of previous year’s AGM agreed.

3)      Paddy Collins elected as Secretary.

4)      Last Year’s accounts presented and agreed. Summary info from accounts:-

Income £300.00, Expenditure £185.50, Cash at Bank £125.71.

5)      Ray Wild elected as Treasurer.

6)      Duncan Clarke elected as Team Captain

 Any member who plays in a league match for the club must be a current member of the ECF (English Chess Federation)

7)      Subs for 2018/19 agreed as £20.00.

8)      Club Championship - Callum Evans elected as co-ordinator and issuer of rules.