This is a brief list of our meetings.

Apologies that my work on HS2 has meant that I have been unable to write up sightings from numerous field meetings.  Hannah Webley has now taken on this task, when she is able to be present.

Committee meetings are normally held on the first Monday of the month. Items to be put on the Agenda should be raised in advance with a committee member.

Indoor meetings are held on the second Monday of the month in the Upper Room, St Mary's Church Rooms, Church Street, Chesham, HP5 1HY at 7.30pm.  There are no indoor meetings in August, and no field meetings in January, February and August.

Coach trips, usually with the Amersham Birdwatching Club, will be announced at an indoor meeting.

Field Meetings: All field trips will start from The Moor Car Park (Map ref: SP963008) unless announced otherwise at the indoor meeting.



Mon 12 June                     Matt Andrews:             ‘Cyprus in Spring’

Sat 17 June                      Hartslock Reserve (all day).   Met at 10:30am

Mon 10 July                      Brenda Harold:           ‘Flower Power: How plants control animals’

Sun 16 July                       Bernwood Forest(all day).    Meet at 10:00am

Mon 11 September           Penny Cullington:        ‘The Kingdom of Fungi’

Sat 16  September           Great Kimble boxwoods(all day).   Meet at 10:30am

Mon 9 October                 President’s Lecture - Mick Jones:‘Nature Conservation: Do we know what we’re doing and are we doing enough?’ 

Sat 14 October                Fungus foray to Holy Trinity Prestwood  (half day).   Meet at 10:00am

Mon 13 November           Chris Ward:                ‘Sri Lanka: The Jewel of the Indian Ocean’

Sat 18  November            Stocker’s Lake  (half day).   Meet at 10:30am   

Mon 11 December           Christmas Social

Sat 16 December            Walk on the Moor & lunch at the Bell, Chartridge.   Meet at 10:30am



Mon 8 January                Barry Taylor:              ‘Introduction to Geology’

Mon 12 February            Ann & Phil Farrer:      ‘Going Wild in the Hebrides’

Mon 12 March                John Tyler:                  ‘The Countryside in Spring’

Sun 18 March                 Hodgemoor Woods  (half day).   Meet at 10:30

Mon 9 April                     Annual General Meeting

Sun 15 April                    Old Park Wood  (half day).          Meet at 14:00

Mon 14 May                    Alan Nelson:                ‘Dragonflies & Damselflies’

Sat 19 May                     Wycombe reserves  (all day).      Meet at 10:30

Mon 11 June                   Nick Bowles:                ’50 years of Butterfly Conservation’

Sat 16 June                    Finemere Wood for Black Hairstreak Butterfly (all day).    Meet at 09:30

Mon 9 July                      Matt Andrews:               ‘Trinidad and Tobago”

Sun 15 July                    Pulpit Hill, Cadsden (all day).       Meet at 10:30

Mon 10 September        Jeff Blincow:                   ‘Tibet’

Sun 16 September         Captain’s Wood & Widmore Wood, Chesham (half day).   Meet at 13:30 

Mon 8 October               President’s Lecture:       ‘The Amazing Sex Lives of Plants & Insects’ 

Sun 14 October              Fungus Foray, Lodge Wood, Prestwood  (half day).          Meet at 10:30

Mon 12 November         Julia Lofthouse:              ’Rescuing Ratty: Water Vole Ecology & Conservation’

Sat 17 November           College Lake, Pitstone (half day).        Meet at 10:30 

Mon 10 December         Christmas Social & Silent Auction

Sat 15 December           Local Walk and Lunch At The Bell, Chartridge.   Meet at 10:30



Mon 14 January             Chris Ward:                   ‘Birds of Prey in Britain & Around the World’

Mon 11 February           Andy Sands:                  ‘A Bug’s Life’

Mon 11 March               Tom Way:                       ‘Exciting Wildlife from Around the World’

Sat 16 March                 Angling Spring Wood, Great Missenden (half day).   Meet at 10:30

Mon 8 April                    Annual General Meeting

Sun 14 April                   Black Poplar Trail,  Wilstone-Long Marston (half day).  Meet at 10:30 

Mon 13 May                  John Tyler:                     ‘The Countryside in Summer’

Sat 18 May                    Ivinghoe Beacon  (all day).            Meet at 10:30


For times and further details, please see the Programme page. [N.B. not available at present]