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CGYPC Update November 2012

CGYPC Summary update May 2013


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Chair                               - Jack Decent                             -Sports

Vice Chair                       - Michael Miklos                       - Events, Environment

Newsletter Editor           - YCllr Alexandra Paterson    - Events

YCllr Eleanor Cox

YCllr Edward Paterson


'About me'

Jack Decent

Alex Paterson

Eleanor Cox

Ed Paterson:

Age : 14
Hobbies : Rugby, chess, graphic designing

Comment : I like spending my time playing sports especially rugby and hockey. I enjoy listening to music, and watching tv :)

Michael Miklos (Vice-Chair):


I am Ambitious,  Friendly, Determined and highly committed to making a  difference.

I have always  enjoyed helping people, and the wild life, helping people to succeed is  rewarding.

I feel my years at  both at Sea and Air Cadets has helped enhance Leadership-Management skills and  teamwork. I have a great interest of passion for aircrafts.

Focusing on  qualities from skills and experience helped achieve two Distinction Stars in  Public Services and Business Studies along side in excess 14 other  qualifications, the experience of being a school councilor, Anti -bully  Ambassador for both school and Sixth Form, now current College course Rep  hopefully will serve me well in helping the community as Vice Chair for the  CGYPC