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SOS for Honey Bees resolution update

August 2011 - For a Honey Bee action pack please click HERE 


CGWI - Small WI of the Year 2008

We were hugely proud to win Buckingham Small WI of the Year. Although our trophy has now gone back to the Bucks Federation we look forward to getting it back someday!


CGWI in WI Life Magazine




Marketing & Recruitment -The Strawberry Campaign

Since our WI began back in 2005 we have been very active in recruitment. From a village base of 360 houses we have over 20 members, including some dual members from neighbouring villages. We maintain a constant presence either in the local newsletters, our own village newssheet, notice board posters or flyers.


The National WI Resolution for 2009 is 'SOS for Honey Bees'. we are very enthusiastic about this important resolution. We visited Preston Bissett Nursery to make our own bee-friendly hanging baskets, we produced a 'bee sheet' for the residents of Calvert Green (available from the home page) and have other actions in hand to support our local bee community.

Our Local Community

Calvert Green is a new community. To help build up the community we organise a birthday meeting each January. We invite all Calvert residents (even men!), to join us for the evening and share some refreshments to celebrate our birthday.

Since the first Calvert Green Summer Fayre in 2005 we have worked with the Community Association to make this a great community event. We run teas and cakes in the Hall (of course!), organise a hugely popular fun dog show and we also choose and crown a Rose Queen and Rose Petal each year. We ask entrants to say why they want to be Rose Queen and choose on this basis, its not a junior beauty content! Some of the responses are very heart warming. We hope this will become a tradition in years to come.

In addtion we occasionally run coffee and cookie, and book stall, events in the Hall.


Each year we donate 'coins' to the Countrywomen of the World Appeal, and the committee has increased the amount every year.

We are registered with the Local Authority to offer assistance in the case of a local emergency. We haven't been called upon yet but we are ready to pitch in with our best efforts as and when required!

We support charities through our programme each year and have had, or plan, visits from Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, North Bucks Bat Group and a charity supporting street children in South America.

Boxes from the Girls

CGWI were proud to support the campaign, masterminded and co-ordinated by Westbury WI, to send welfare boxes to troops overseas. Although this campaign has now ended we will continue to provide occasional boxes to 'Combat Stress'.



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