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Originally the Buckingham Wine Circle was started by a group of home winemakers - back in the days when the prime choice was Blue Nun, Mateus Rose and Bulls Blood. With the ever increasing availabilty of wines from around the world, usually of good quality at a reasonable price, the main aim now is the enjoyment and appreciation of wine. There are several professional presentations during the year. As well as the enjoyment of fine wines there is the friendship and fellowship of our members. The club meets once a month and there is a varied programme.

New members are always welcome. An annual subscription is just £36 (pro rata for those who do not join in January). Give Ken a ring for further information, see below for contact details. Many of our meetings are open to non-members; the charge is £10 per head per meeting. Should you decide to join the Circle after attending as a non-member the £10 will be refunded.

The 2019 programme is shown on the Meetings 2019 page, where you will see the wide range of tempting activities all associated with wine. The Programme page gives the details of the meetings.


Next Meeting         Enquiries about membership and meetings should be made to Ken (see contact information below.)

Non-members are welcome at many of our events. You are asked to contact Ken in advance so that adequate wine for the tasting is available. Please note that some monthly meetings are for members only.


Thursday 19 September - Corkscrews and Wine

                                                                       non-members £10




Contact Information

Ken Webster (Chairman)


01280 815220

Upcoming event

Waddesdon Manor Wine Tasting

Thursday 17 October 2019

A return visit to the Waddesdon wine cellars for a wine tasting. Members only. Coach will be provided. Details to be confirmed. Members only. This event is full.