Club Diary 2011-2012

Bourne End Club Diary 2011-2012      
Last Updated 9th. April      
  games every Wednesday Sept.- end of April
Wed. 7th. Sept. Club reopens      
Wed. 14th. Sept. Club night      
Wed. 21st. Sept. Maidenhead friendly home W 7.5-4.5
Wed. 28th. Sept. AGM      
Wed. 28th. Dec.  Room not booked      
Wed. 18th. Jan. Club closed      
Sun. 1st. Apr. Chess Congress      
Wed. 6th. June Monthly summer club night      
Wed. 4th. July Monthly summer club night      
Wed. 1st. Aug. Monthly summer club night      
Wed. 5th. Sept. Weekly club nights resume      
  may be subject to amendment
Bourne End A        
Wed. 12th. Oct. Sandhurst A home  L  1-5
Wed. 2nd Nov Maidenhead A home  W  4-2
Wed 9th. Nov Maidenhead (Cup) home  W  4-2
Wed. 16th. Nov Crowthorne A home  L  2.5-3.5
Wed. 14th. Dec Reading A home  D  3-3
 Wed. 8th. Feb  Reading  away L 1-5
Mon 13th. Feb Crowthorne B away L 2.5-3.5
Tue 21st. Feb Camberley B away L 1.5-4.5
Mon. 27th. Feb Bracknell away W 5.5-0.5
Wed. 7th. Mar Sandhurst B away L 2.5-3.5
Tue. 20th. Mar Camberley A away L 1-5
Wed. 21st. Mar Wellington A home L 1.5-4.5
Bourne End B        
Wed. 22nd. Sept. Reading E away W 3.5-2.5
Wed. 16th. Nov. Crowthorne D home   Postponed
Wed. 30th. Nov. Newbury B home L 1.5-4.5
Wed 21st. Dec Crowthorne D home W 3.5-2.5
Tue. 17th. Jan. Camberley C away W 6-0
Tue 7th. Feb. Eton B away W 5-1
Wed. 15th. Feb. Maidenhead C home L 2-4
Bourne End 1        
Wed. 5th. Oct. Bourne End 2 home W 4.5-1.5
Thur. 13th. Oct. Slough 1 away W 4-2
Wed. 19th. Oct. Gerrards Cross 1 home W 3.5-2.5
Tue. 1st. Nov. Aylesbury 1 away W 3.5-2.5
Wed. 4th. Jan. Berkhamsted 1 away W 4.5-1.5
Wed. 25th. Jan. Wycombe & Haz 1 home W 3.5-2.5
Wed. 1st. Feb. Slough 1 home W 5.5-0.5
Wed. 15th. Feb. Gerrards Cross 1 away W 4-2
Wed. 14th. Mar. Aylesbury 1 home W 5-1
Wed. 28th. Mar. Bourne End 2 away W 6-0
Wed. 11th. April Berkhamsted 1 home W 3.5-2.5
Mon. 7th. May Wycombe & Haz 1 away W 4.5-1.5
Bourne End 2        
Mon. 3rd. Oct Wycombe & Haz 1 away L 1.5-4.5
Wed. 5th. Oct Bourne End 1 away L 1.5-4.5
Wed.26th. Oct Slough 1 home L 1-5
Wed. 9th. Nov. Gerrards Cross 1 away L 2-4
Wed. 30th. Nov. Berkhamsted 1 home L 1-5
Tue. 10th. Jan. Aylesbury 1 away L 1.5-4.5
Wed. 8th. Feb. Wycombe & Haz 1 home L 2-4
Wed. 29th. Feb. Gerrards Cross 1 home L 1-5
Thur. 8th. Mar. Slough 1 away L 1.5-4.5
Wed. 28th. Mar. Bourne End 1 home L 0-6 
Wed. 25th. Apr. Aylesbury 1 home W 3.5-2.5
Wed. 2nd. May Berhamsted 1 away L 2-4
Bourne End 3        
Wed. 12th. Oct. Gerrards Cross 2 home W 3.5-2.5
Thur. 20th. Oct. Slough 2 away W 4.5-1.5
Wed. 2nd. Nov. Aylesbury 3 home   Cancelled
Tue. 29th. Nov. Aylesbury 2 away L 2-4
Wed. 7th. Dec Wycombe & Haz 2 home W 4-2
Wed. 14th. Dec. Berkhamsted 2 away W 4-2
Mon. 16th. Jan. Wycombe & Haz 2 away L 1.5-4.5
Wed. 25th. Jan. Gerrards Cross 2 away W 3.5-2.5
Wed. 22nd. Feb. Slough 2 home D 3-3
Wed. 7th. Mar. Aylesbury 2 home D 3-3
Tue 13th. Mar. Aylesbury 3 away   Cancelled
Wed. 18th. Apr. Berkhamsted 2 home W 3.5-2.5