Last update 15th. April 2011      
Dates may be subject to amendment      
Club Arrangements      
Date Event Venue   Result
Informal games every Wednesday night beginning of September- end of April unless otherwise stated
15th. September Maidenhead Friendly Home  W  7.5-5.5
22nd. September Club AGM      
 29th. December  Club closed      
 19th. January  Small Hall unavailable      
17th. April Chess Congress      
 11th. May  Last weekly meeting      
 June/July/August  Meet first Wednesday of month      
 7th. September 2011  New season of weekly meetings      
Bucks League Div. 1: Bourne End 1 Fixtures  
Date Event Venue   Result
29th. September Bourne End 2 Away  W  5.5-0.5
13th. October Wycombe 2 Home  W  6-0
26th. October Aylesbury 1 Away  P  15/03/2011
10th. November Wycombe 1 Home  L 2.5-3.5 
17th. November Berkhamsted 1 Away  D  3-3
1st. December Gerrards Cross 1 Away  L 1.5-4.5 
12th. January Bourne End 2 Home  W 4-2 
24th. January Wycombe 2 Away  W  4-2
31st. January Wycombe 1 Away  L 1.5-4.5 
9th. February Aylesbury 1 Home  W 4.5-1.5 
2nd. March Berkhamsted 1 Home  D  3-3
 15th. March  Aylesbury 1  Away  W 3.5-2.5 
30th. March Gerrards Cross 1 Home  L 2.5-3.5 
Berks League Div. 1: Bourne End A Fixtures  
Date Event Venue   Result
11th. October Crowthorne B (cup) Away  W 4-2 
20th. October Newbury A Home  W  4.5-1.5
4th. November Reading A Away  L  1-5
24th. November Camberley B Home  W 3.5-2.5 
17th. January Crowthorne B Away  L 1-5 
19th. January Maidenhead A Home    Postponed
15th. February Camberley A Away  L 0-6 
 23rd. February Maidenhead A Home   L 2-4 
 8th. March Camberley (PPC)  Away   L 2-4 
23rd. March Reading B Home  W  4-2
13th. April Crowthorne A Home  D 3-3 
28th. April Sandhurst A Away    
Bucks League Div. 1: Bourne End 2 Fixtures  
Date Event Venue   Result
29th. September Bourne End 1 Home  L  0.5-5.5
6th. October Gerrards Cross 1 Away  L  0-6
3rd. November Berkhamsted 1 Home  L 1-5 
22nd. November Wycombe 2 Away  L 2-4 
1st. December Aylesbury 1 Home    Postponed
6th. December Wycombe 1 Away  L 0.5-5.5 
12th. January Bourne End 1 Away  L 2-4 
26th. January Gerrards Cross 1 Home  L 1.5-4.5 
2nd. February Aylesbury 1 Home   L 1-5
23rd. February Berkhamsted 1 Away  L 1-5 
9th. March Wycombe 2 Home  W 4-2 
22nd. March Aylesbury 1 Away  L 1.5-4.5 
6th. April Wycombe 1 Home  L 0.5-5.5 
Berks League Div. 2: Bourne End B Fixtures  
Date Event Venue   Result
12th. October Henley Away  L 1.5-4.5 
27th. October Basingstoke Home  L  2-4
10th. November Maidenhead B Home  D 3-3 
17th. January Bracknell Away  L 1.5-4.5 
9th. February Sandhurst B Away  L  0.5-5.5
17th. February Reading D Away  L 2.5-3.5 
3rd. March Eton A Away  L 1.5-4.5 
30th. March Newbury B Home  D 3-3 
13th. April Reading C Home  L 2.5-3.5 
Bucks League Div. 2: Bourne End 3 Fixtures  
Date Event Venue   Result
13th. October Gerrards Cross 3 Away  L 2-4 
20th. October Wycombe 3 Home  W 4.5-1.5 
2nd. November Aylesbury 2 Away  L 2.5-3.5 
17th. November Slough 2 Home  W  3.5-2.5
25th. November Slough 1 Away    Postponed
15th. December Aylesbury 3 Home  W 4-2 
5th. January Berkhamsted 2 Away  W 4.5-1.5 
19th. January Gerrards Cross 2 Away  L 2.5-3.5 
31st. January Wycombe 3 Away  D 3-3 
16th. February Aylesbury 2 Home  L 2.5-3.5
24th. February Slough 2 Away  W


 10th. March Slough 1   Away     New date
16th. March Slough 1 Home  L 2-4 
29th. March Aylesbury 3 Away    
27th. April Berkhamsted 2 Home    

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