Gemstone Cycleways

Cycle Aylesbury – Raised Crossings and Cycle Crossovers 

The following information has been received from the Cycle Aylesbury team. These improvements have been implemented at various points along the Gemstone cycleways.



As part of our commitment to improving cycling facilities in Aylesbury the Cycle Aylesbury team have been making a number of improvements to the continuity and profile of the Gemstone cycle network. Taking advice from Sustrans and Cycling England and adapting examples used at other towns across the country, a number of new cycling crossovers and raised crossings have been installed.  We have responded to comments from residents and cycling groups with concerns that cyclists were not safely crossing roads on the Gemstone cycle routes. The following information describes the role of red surfacing and raised crossings and provides information on how they should be used:


Red surfacing has been applied across roads to show the continuation of the cycle ways.  The routes are now complete and the red surfacing lets drivers see cyclists and pedestrians approaching.  It is hoped that motorists will be more considerate and allow them to cross when they are waiting.  The red surfacing does not provide increased priority for cyclists but it does show that a crossing is approaching.  The ‘SLOW' markings, give way triangles and paving on the cycle ways are all refreshed to make it clearer to cyclists that they are approaching a crossing and that they will need to take care as they cross the road.   

crossing long view


crossing used

Raised crossings raise the profile of the road to the same height as the cycle way and provide a level crossing point.  Red surfacing shows that cyclists will be crossing but does not give extra priority for cyclists. Motorists should see cyclists and pedestrians approaching the crossing point and allow them to cross when they are waiting.  For more information, please visit