Cleaning Your Bike

Cleaning is extremely important and will help preserve the lifespan of components on your bike.


When dirt builds up wash over with a damp cloth & soap. There are also proprietary cleaning fluids you can buy but they may be of more use to mountain bikers after they've hosed their bike down after a muddy experience in the hills.

Check the spokes for any signs of damage or broken spokes. We advise that you take the wheel to a dealer to get any broken spoked replaced and the wheel trued correctly but details are also included in our Repairs section.

Allow the bike to dry in the open air & then lubricate the cables at the points they enter the cable housing & pivot points of the front & rear mechs - these are the arms that control the movement of the chain across the gears.


If these are not all kept clean then dirt will quickly build up & create wear which means that you will have to replace them much sooner than if you take care of the bike. Gear shifts will not be so dependable.

You can use a chain cleaner that you place on the chain which then runs through a cleaning fluid as you slowly rotate the crank. Otherwise use an old toothbrush with a chain cleaning fluid or paraffin works just as well.

You need a deep stiff brush to get into the depths of the gear cassette but these are available in town for less than £2. Scrape out any excess residue in between the gear sprockets & then the teeth of the sprockets should be cleaned with the chain cleaning fluid or paraffin.

Remember to also clean the teeth of the large chainring(s) at the pedal end of the chain loop with a brush & fluid.


Within this are two jockey wheels that dirt will easily cling to as the chain rotates through the mech. Keep these clean with a brush & fluid. Lubricate the pivot points on the mech & wipe any excess away.


Clean & lubricate the pivot points as per the Rear mech.


From general use you will built up dirt & rubber on the rims which should be removed regularly to maintain the performance of your brakes.

Use a toothbrush or cloth with lubricant to clean the rims & wipe off with a clean cloth. Never apply oil to the rims, if you should accidentally spill oil on the rim then wipe off & clean with degreaser.


Scrub the pads with degreaser, never use an oil based substance, using a toothbrush to remove any residue build up & give the brake calipers a general wipe over with a cloth applying degreaser if necessary.