Cycle Care


If you maintain your bike on a regular basis then you will reduce the possibility of roadside breakdowns & the need for major repairs. Always act whenever you feel or hear something is wrong and do take advice if you are in doubt.  

We cover adjustments & repairs to all the main areas of a bike and have split our maintenance area into 4 sections. They are shown below & click on the section you would like more information about for full details.


Regular Maintenance

Bike Tips

Cleaning Your Bike

Other Sources of Information

If you require additional details of repairs then you may want to consult the following websites:

Sheldon Brown - cycle information - sadly Sheldon died in February 2008 but there is a mine of information on his site. We are unclear if it will be updated in future.

cobr - cycle workshop - this company has a cycle shopping site with good information about repairs & maintenance.

We have also included some video clips from & so that you can view how to go about the repairs & maintenance we cover. These are included in the appropriate sections and often require specific tools to carry out repairs so take note of the information given in the clips.

Training courses: 

If you would like to improve your cycle maintenance skills contact ATG Training who run courses in Aylesbury ranging from those suitable for beginners to advanced levels.

Further reading:

The Bike Book by Fred Milson & published by Haynes is a good starting point for beginners, it's clear & includes colour pictures. The cost is around £10.

Cycle maintenance by Richard Hallett & published by Hamlyn is far more expensive but very clear & comprehensive. It costs around £30.

Basic Equipment

 Before you start you will need some basic tools & lubricants as follows:

  • Puncture repair kit - containing tyre levers, patches, glue, sandpaper, chalk & a marker pen
  • Spanners - a selection of sizes in the range 8mm to 16mm
  • Allen keys - a selection up to 6mm to begin.
  • Small & medium size flat ended screwdrivers
  • Medium pozidrive screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Cable cutters
  • Teflon based chain lubricant which can also be applied to cables & gear mechs
  • Degreaser & brushes
  • For more complex tasks refer to the videos for information on the equipment required.

If you attempt any repairs yourself then do make sure that you have the correct tools & if in any doubt seek professional help.

If you have any comments on anything contained in our Cycle Care advice please email us.