Current Aims


1. Planning for Cyclists

     Try to get AVDC and BCC Planners to take into account cycle access and the opportunities for new links when considering planning applications

2. Aylesbury Rim Ride

    Develop and promote the Aylesbury Rim Ride & seek other opportunities to promote & encourage leisure cycling


3. Cycling Promotion

      Produce a Cycling leaflet detailing the local cycling clubs, groups and cycling activities that are available


4. Initiatives for Children

    Support initiatives such as the Bicycle Maintenance Project, Bike It & Bike Club

5. Cycle route maintenance

     Try to get Bucks CC to improve the timing of Toucan crossings

6. Links

    Maintain a close relationship with Cycle Aylesbury and act as a link with other cycle groups


7. Hazards

     Try to get Aylesbury in Bloom to remove plant containers from the approaches to roundabouts on safety grounds


8. Website

     Maintain our website as a source of local cycling information


9. Grants

      Look out for grant fundable projects and support grant applications


10. Other work

        These include our general aim of getting more people to cycle, campaign for on road cycling, report road defects & lobby for greater cycle parking.


If you require further information about any of the above topics please contact us using the Leave Feedback link below.