Aylesbury Rim Ride

Aylesbury Cycling Campaign have been investigating a circular route that runs around the perimeter of Aylesbury that would link with many of the Gemstone routes which run into the town centre. The route if fully developed would be suitable for family rides as well as commuters & shoppers who could follow the 'Rim' to the nearest intersection with a Gemstone route that would take them to the town.

Many children are receiving cycle training to enable them to cycle to school, but we feel that there is a shortage of leisure cycling opportunities for them.  The Aylesbury Rim is mostly traffic free and close to most of the town's population.  It links many attractions such as parks, playgrounds, sports fields, wildlife areas and picnic places.  Most people are surprised by what there is around the edge of their own town!

Rim Ride

Further development work is needed and funding would also be necessary as the route we have devised crosses unused land as well as unsigned paths & roads. There are also crossings of all the main roads that lead to the town. Further thought may be necessary in respect of the new development areas to the north of the town & future similar developments.

For more information on the Aylesbury Rim Ride we have provided a link including a detailed map of the ride & if you have a GPS you can download a gpx file to follow the route. You can view points along the route if you click here.

Rim Riders

Our picture shows some of our members and friends meeting at Watermead before setting out on their initial Aylesbury Rim Ride.