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Rides and events:  If you are new to cycling and would like to gain experience and build up your confidence why not try an Aylesbury Sky Ride. They organise short Sunday rides with experience leaders which are free to take part in & for all ages and abilities. Full details of their organised events can be found on the Sky Rides site

The Mix 96 Tour de Vale 2012 took place on 10th June and our group were there and we took over 300 pictures of riders. You can see if you were among those we photographed if you view our Photo Gallery.

If you are interested in taking part in any rides in our area take a look at our Events page for more information.



 Cycle Training Instructors: Have you ever considered becoming a cycle training tutor?  Could you provide children & others with the abilities & knowledge to ride safely? Haddenham Cycle Training is one of only 18 training organisations accredited by the Department of Transport. There is a shortage of instructors currently available to provide tuition but 4 day courses are available with Haddenham ITO & the cost is currently 50% subsidised. Further information is available via our link.*


Potholes:  Last winters snow and ice has taken a serious toll on local roads and the resulting potholes can cause expensive repairs to drivers & cyclists alike so be vigilant as you ride along. Our pictures below show road surfaces that have taken a battering in 3 residential areas of Aylesbury: Stirling Avenue, Long Meadow & Turnfurlong Lane. 


 Trunk roads do appear to be undergoing repair but many holes & ragged surfaces appear on numerous other local roads. If you spot a problem pothole or poor road surface then report this direct to Highways on Call in order for them to address the problem.  Also call them about heavy falls of slippery wet leaves on the Gemstone Cycle Routes.

The Chiltern Cycleway officially opened on 18th June 2010. This circular route covers 170 miles throught some lovely countryside. Why not ride the local section - you can find route details here.





Do you ride on footpaths?  Are you riding illegally or are you allowed to cycle there? See our new section on Footpath Cycling & find out. 




Sustrans: Good or Bad? There are several Sustrans routes in Bucks that you may have used including the Phoenix Trail, the Leighton Buzzard section of the Grand Union Canal & the nearby Thames Valley Route. Do you find these meet your requirements? Ron Strutt a lifelong cyclist has written a critical review of their work and you can read his views if you click here and select his 'Sustrans Good or Bad' link. Let us know your thoughts on cycle routes in and around Aylesbury via the Leave Feedback link below.

View our PHOTO GALLERY with our Tour de Vale, Tour of Britain pictures & many more. Just click here, select the group of pictures you want to see & view them either individually or on a full screen slideshow.

                                                    Tour Of Britain 

As prices continue to rise... 

 Why don't you consider saving yourself money as inflation rises, the UK economy is in difficulty & the cost of filling your car is increasing again to around £6 a gallon. By cycling to work or your local shops you will help improve your own health and save yourself money at the same time? It's good for you, it's non-polluting & you can beat the rush hour queues. Why not try it & see how quickly you can get around the town - most 'in town' journeys will take 10 minutes or less & find out how much you can save on your car fuel bills.

 If you drive a car for the purpose of your work the highest tax free amount you can claim per business mile from the Inland Revenue (HMRC) is 40p**. This rate is based on an allowance for all costs of driving generally, including long distance trips. If you live locally to your work then your driving costs are increased by higher use of fuel, wear and tear etc as the car warms to its optimum operating temperature by which time you may well have arrived at your place of work.

On the basis that this adds 30% to your driving costs this increases the HMRC rate to 52p a mile. If you live 2 miles from work then you will drive 20 miles per week to and from your home at a cost of £10.40. Over a year this will exceed £450 which equates to the purchase of a really good bike which you could use instead and benefit your health too. Even if you only cycled to work a couple of times a week you would still repay the cost of a very servicable bike costing £150, so its easy to recoup your costs.  Why not give cycling to work a try?

You can beat the financial blues & traffic queues by using your bike for trips to local shops & work.

** The AA have produced current tables of car running costs based on such factors as: type of fuel used, purchase price & annual mileage. Full details are available if you click here.   

  Photos copyright of HCT taken by Paul Wilkinson Photography