National Inter-League Competitions

Season 2014  - 2015

Aylesbury are again entering teams in the National Inter-League Cup Competitions and the League has been asked by TTE to host a regional zone round in both competitions at Quarrendon.

Champions Haddenham A will represent us in the Wilmott Cup lead by Mark Scott. Zonal Round scheduled for Saturday 25th April.

In the Junior Carter Cup the team will be made up from Ant McCormack (if recovered from injury), Matt George, James George (all Tring) and Josh Edworthy (Sports). Zonal Round scheduled for Sunday May 3rd.



For Season 2011 / 2012 Aylesbury have entered 3 teams in the national inter-League Competitions.

The Men's team in the Wilmott Cup will again be made up from the Haddenham A team, namely Andy Misseldine, Mark Scott and Darren Palmer. They have been drawn in a regional round with North Middlesex, St Albans / Hatfield and Watford. The round has been scheduled for Watford on Saturday 14th January though the exact venue has yet to be confirmed at time of writing (7/1/12).

Junior Boys and Girls teams have been entered in the respective national competitions also and these are due to be played in February. The Girls team comprises Rose Luscombe and Georgina Lark from the Tring Club. The boys team will be selected from junior players from the Tring, Elmhurst, Rivets and Bucks CC Clubs.


Wilmott Cup

Our Aylesbury men's team competed in the Watford based round. On arrival there were disappointments. First the North Middlesex team had withdrawn 2 days before the event. Secondly our No. 1 player Andy Misseldine could not play due to injury and had to settle for a team coach role helping Mark Scott and Darren Palmer. 

The first match for our team was against the SHAW team (that's St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn). They fielded a father and son team. Father was in the top twenty of English table tennis, his son not far behind. A hard fought match ensued but Shaw always had the edge and won 5 - 0.

Afterwards one of the watching Watford officials, a former nationally ranked veteran, commented that our team had played very well and had impressed him, they had not deserved a 5 - 0 scoreline.

The second match, against Watford followed and our players showed their class with a comfortable 5 - 0 win but this was not enough for them to go through to the Finals.

Better luck next year. Perhaps it will be third time lucky !


Carter Cup

We were asked to stage a regional round including the teams from Banbury and Leamington.

As our No. 1 junior, Aaron Taylor, was not available a trial was held to establish the team. As a result Joe Gerrans and Matt Bradbury were chosen with Anthony McCormack as the reserve player.

 The Round was held at the Tring Club on Saturday 18th February.

 The first match was Banbury v Aylesbury. Joe played first against the Banbury No. 1 who was an regular player in both Banbury and Oxford Leagues. Joe was slow to get in to his stride and his experienced opponent was able to command the match throughout. Matt then played the less experienced No. 2 and was soon in control running out a comfortable. The match between Matt and the No. 1 was keenly fought but the latter eventually edged home. Joe played much better against the No. 2 but eventually lost. Joe and Matt had little experience of doubles and had not played together before so it was immensely to their credit that they took the Banbury pair all the way before losing out on the final run in. Result Banbury won 5 - 0.

 Banbury then played Leamington. It was soon apparent that the Leamington pair were of good premier division standard and a class and more above the other contestants. The Banbury No. 1 gave his all but was still no match for them and the result was 5 - 0  for Leamington.

For the final game Joe and Matt realised they were outgunned but played to the very best of their ability and their good spirited opponents helped to make a most entertaining match of it.  Result 5 - 0 to Leamington.

 In conclusion the brilliant Leamington pair hugely entertained those watching with some of their spectacular display which included improvised shots not to be found in any coaching manual. Our lads will have learnt a lot from participation in this level that will serve them well in seasons to come.

 Bromfield Trophy

As there were only eight entries our girls team of Rose Luscombe and Georgina Lark automatically progressed to the Final Round which was held at Wellingborough in June. Exams and injuries wreaked havoc with the entries on the day and the girls found themselves facing North Middlesex, the favourites, in the Final. They lost 1 - 4 with Georgina winning the solitary game. The doubles was a particularly close match with Rose and Georgina taking their opponents to a final fifth game. Congratulations to them for finishing runners up for the Trophy.