Running Sessions for 2018


Running sessions on all the society's layouts are usually scheduled for the first Wednesday and third Monday of every month unless they coincide with a bank holiday. On Wednesdays they are in the evening, and on Mondays they are in the afternoon.


Layouts may well be available for running at other times but that depends on the work in hand. This particularly applies to the large '00' gauge layout as new track is currently being laid in the station area. Of course, the test tracks (00 gauge, EM, and 3mm) are always available.

The 0 gauge layout (Dewhurst) has been completed after a major refurbishment and should be available for running on the same days as above.


Running sessions are listed below:



August:  Monday 20th 1400-1600

September:  Wednesday 5th 2000-2200 and Monday 17th 1400-1600

October:  Wednesday 3rd 2000-2200 and Monday 15th 1400-1600

November:  Wednesday 7th 2000-2200 and Monday 19th 1400-1600

December:  Wednesday 5th 2000-2200 and Monday 17th 1400-1600