Club Layouts

We have three layouts that we can take to exhibitions and a fourth, a club room layout, is under refurbishment.


Dewhurst is our "O" gauge layout named from some of our members affection for "Last of the Summer Wine".  It was conceived as a Great Western/LNWR joint station.

Track and points are a mixture of hand built and proprietary. Tony, JohnB, Mike and Phil added a small extension to the station end.  JohnB, Alan and Martin have improved the arrangement of the station throat and have sorted out the wiring that the change entails.  Geoff built a new point for the yard. 

The loss of two members left us short of rolling stock for Dewhurst but Mike acquired some stock both for himself and the club and we also have a number of kits to build.  JohnB, Roger and PeterC have made a start on them.  Alan has joined us bringing his Southern stock along, then Martin arrived with a blue King!

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Quarry Halt is a small "OO" gauge layout depicting a small halt and yard.  Roger carried out a complete refurbishment which included tidying up some point work and adding working signals.   Most point and signal controls are mechanical (aren't bicycle spokes wonderful! )  The layout is only 16 inches deep. 

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 Our OO9 layout is called Tallybont. It is a typical narrow gauge railway and includes two stations, a quarry and an engine shed.  John B rewired that some time ago and added the quarry and the backscene.

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 Large "00" Layout

We plan to call the clubroom 4mm layout Farington Road in memory of a well loved member who died recently, it is a popular choice by most members.  It is a large oval that incorporates a 4 platform station, a branch line, two small goods yards and a 14 road fiddle yard.

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Drive a Train is the layout we take to exhibitions to give the younger enthusiasts a chance to try their hand.  It was built by PeterC who supplies all the stock that runs on it.  His son Rob is his helper at exhibitions and is a very tolerant instructor.