We are a small group who meet in our own club room in Chorleywood and always welcome new members. Most of our members model UK railways from various parts of the country.


Our next running session is Wednesday 4th July 2000-2200



The club has layouts in gauges "O", "OO" and "OO9". The test track has "OO", "EM", "3mmFS", N/009 and "HOm".

The '0' gauge layout has been undergoing some relaying and rewiring. Ballast has been laid and is to be painted.

The '00' gauge layout has also been undergoing major works, particularly to the station area. All the trackwork is now laid and is being ballasted. There remains plenty to do still, especially on the scenic side!

There is a second '00' layout primarily designed for exhibiting, Quarry Halt. It has had several successful outings.

John brought the 009 layout out of storage and it has been run successfully for a couple of sessions. The baseboards are now back in store.

Most of us have some form of layout at home, some have more than one, our chairman has a magnificent "OO" layout in the garden.

Most of us buy ready-to-run models and enhance them to varying degrees, others prefer to build from kits. The ready availability of R-T-R in 4mm means most of us use them at running sessions, but a lot of the '0' gauge stock has been built from kits.

If you are already a railway modeller, want to pick it up again or are just starting out, then come along and see what we do. Contact us using our email address: aandcmrs@gmail.com


Latest News


Much has been done since Geoff installed the bridge over the station approach. More photos soon.

View of Geoff's overbridge


JohnB, Martin Fred and Geoff are moving on with the scenery. JohnB has ballasted the East Goods Yard. Martin has completed the rail edge painting, a Herculean task! He then moved on to relaying the main lines on the two curved end boards at either side of the station. These were laid many years ago and have suffered with the constant expansion and contraction caused by the wide temperature variations we get in the club hut. They now look a lot better with all the kinks in the geometry of these curves smoothed out.

Tim has started the ballasting on the new station baseboards, beginning with the branch line in the station, there are miles to go!

More scenery has been completed with static grass fibres applied around the station platforms, the area to the right of the station and up behind the West Yard, where Geoff has been fixing the coal staithes. 

The branch line is now energised on the 00 layout! It has also been tested and proved OK to be driven by DCC. MikeB has loaned a Gaugemaster Prodigy handset that plugs into the normal controller socket, so DCC is a bit crude at the moment! A simple remote control operates the points in the branch side of the station and provides on/off switches for the sections.

The goods yard area should be made live soon.



We are always looking to recruit new members, so if you live in Amersham, Little Chalfont, Chorleywood or areas nearby and want to get involved with model railways, contact us by email - aandcmrs@gmail.comn and come along to a running session.


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