History of Ace

Mr Harold East and Mr George Adams (both now deceased) founded ACE in 1927 as a ciné club.

They filmed local events around the area on 9.5 film. It was processed in Harold’s kitchen sink, and then shown to towns and villages for a penny entrance fee which went towards a local charity which assisted local people in paying for their hospital treatment.  

The club was very prolific in the 1960’s and 70’s, gaining a high standard of expertise in the cine world. One of those who were instrumental in the clubs success was the late Mr Jack Cheshire, who was also an expert film maker, right up to his death. 

Like so many other clubs the 80’s saw the revolution in video also the demise of the club, especially as film making was concerned. Gradually the new format proved incredibly cheaper and the technology moved forwards allowing the means by which the medium could be edited improving to professional standards. The club re-formed itself in 1995 and took a new lease of life, growing from strength to strength.