This page is dedicated to our comrades that have passed 

To The Green Fields beyond

Fear Naught and a safe journey Old Comrades 

Brian Mott: It is with deep regret that we post the passing of Corporal Brian Mott  on the 17th April 2014 at age 79 .Brian Joined the Colours of the British Army’s 10th Royal Hussars on the 8th August 1952. He was just 18years old. Brian had joined the 10th Royal Hussars to follow in his father’s footsteps as he had served in that Regiment. However, his service in the “Shiny Tenth” as it was known, was not to last, he was posted after being with his Fathers old regiment for just a few months. Early in 1953 Brian was transferred to the Fifth Royal Tank Regiment then stationed at Belsen, Germany, and at the time under orders to sail to Korea; Brian’s time was spent retraining, as the Fifth were equipped with the latest battle tank “The Centurion” which mounted a 20 pounder gun. Brian arriving at the Fifth; his kit was highly polished, well in keeping with the traditions of the “Shiny Tenth”. Everyone looked at his boots so highly polished that you could shave in them. The transformation of Brian from a Calvary Regiment Man to a Tank Man was profound, he had now left the “Shiny Tenth and joined the “Shitty Fifth” as they were known, The Fifths Colonel Mitford’s decree was “I do not want Soldiers, I want Tank Men. Brian’s remarks following his leaving a “Spit and Polish” Cavalry Regiment to the “Filthy Fifth” was: “I think that I am going to like this bloody lot”. Brian was Three Troop Corporal, in “A” Squadron. Brian after conversion to Centurions became a Driver Mechanic instructor. The Regiment was sent on Embarkation leave in two stages, on return from leave the Regiment were situated in Aldershot where they were kitted out for Korea. Shortly after the Regiment embarked on the Troopship “Empire Orwell” which set sail from Southampton the Journey to Korea took Four Weeks, in which time Brian had visited, Gibraltar, Port Said Egypt, through the Suez Canal to Aden from Aden he steamed to Ceylon (now Sri lanka), then onward to Hong Kong finally to reach its destination at the port of PUSAN in Korea. On reaching Korea after a short stay In a transit camp, it was all aboard the Pullman Armoured Train up to the front (38 Parallel). This took two days. On reaching the front line Brian was immediately involved in taking over the Centurion tanks of the First Royal Tank Regiment, the regiment then proceeded to occupy their forward positions. This was a very uneasy time as the cease fire had not long been in operation. However the weather was quite kind, during the winter months it was cold at times, with the wind chill factor taking temperatures to 40 degrees below then; when the monsoons came, and it was MUD, MUD, and Glorious MUD. And in the summer it was really sun bathing weather, except the mosquitos would bite you to death. There was one glorious respite however; this was when Brian flew to Tokyo Japan for a week’s Rest & Recuperation??? Brian’s tour of duty in Korea came to an end a year later, the Regiment set sail back to. NOT the UK but North Africa (Benghazi) in fact in the Libyan desert, at a place called BARCHE needless to say Brian soon had a taste of what the members of the Fifth Tanks had gone through as they fought against Rommell in World War 2 in the desert. The Regiment fought in the El Alemien Battle. Brian finally completed his service with the colours and returned to civvy street on the 7th August 1955.


Donald Smith (Smudge): It is with deep regret that we post the passing of Trooper Donald Smith on the 3rd February 2013 aged 68 years. Don enlisted in June 1963; he was demobbed in June 1968 having served 5 years with the colours seeing service in the UK Borneo and Malaya. Don was a driver in the MT section and then with the HQ reconnaissance Troop. Don was a stalwart supporter of the Fighting Fifths Reunion Association and for the past four years he took on the role of entertainments officer. His cheery demeanour and willingness to help; resulted in first class entertainment and considerable funds being raised for the Association; he will be greatly missed by all. Our condolences go out to Eileen, His son Darren, Daughter in law Carla. Have a safe journey old comrade to the Green Fields Beyond.

 Ronald Greig: It is with deep regret that we post the passing of Sergeant Ronald Greig on the 3rd December 2012 aged 67 years. Ron enlisted in July 1964 and was demobbed in September 1978 having served for 14 years with the colours in the UK, Northern Ireland and Borneo and Canada. He was awarded the Northern Ireland, Borneo and Malaysia Medals. He served with the Fifth until disbandment in 1969, when he transferred to the 13/18 Hussars. He served in Northern Ireland and Borneo. In 1965 Ron took part in the making of the Beatles Film “Help” on Salisbury plain. Ron was promoted to Corporal when the Fifth were posted to Wolfenbuttel in 1968. He converted from Tanks to Armoured cars. On disbandment of the Fifth in 1969. Whilst serving with the 13/18 Hussars he attained the rank of Sergeant. Ron was a staunch supporter of the Fighting Fifths Reunion in Blackpool and he will be sadly missed by all.Our condolences go out to Patricia, his daughter Caroline and Son David and we wish our old comrade a safe journey to the Green Fields Beyond.

John McQueen-Mason:was born in Grays, Essex on 11 August 1925. His military career was in two parts. He enlisted into the Territorial Army at Caterham on 3 August and joined the 4th Battalion Grenadier Guards and latterly the 2nd Battalion serving in Germany after the war living in an old concentration camp in Schleswig Holstein. He left the Army on 2 November 1947 and was employed as a wine waiter at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes but re-enlisted at Portsmouth on 23 February 1951 joining the Royal Tank Regiment. For the next 19 years he served on and off with 5 RTR and 8 RTR alternating between service in Germany and the UK and also had a four year spell from 1962 until 1966 with BRIXMIS in Berlin keeping tabs on ‘Russian bloc’ troop movements. John was a great fan of the arts and it while he was in Berlin that he saw Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn dance Swan Lake. His final posting was as the SQMS with 5 RTR and was discharged on 23 June 1970 having reached the substantive rank of Staff Sergeant. When he left the Army he set up a restaurant on the Isle of Wight – “The Folly Inn” – in which his wife was the chef and he ran the restaurant. Sadly, John’s wife died in 2001. John joined the Royal Hospital on 3 December 2007 and although he became an Infirmary Resident shortly after his arrival and led a fairly quiet life he was a well-respected In-Pensioner and endeared himself to all those around him. John died in the Infirmary on 21 January 2012 aged 86.

Harold Limer: It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Major Harold Limer on the 19th January 2012 aged 92. Harold Limer enlisted on the 5th February 1940 into the Royal Signals, After having been to Sandhurst was commissioned on the 29th March 1941 and was posted to the 23rd Hussars. Harold was then posted to the 40th RTR and saw action at Alam Halfa in 1942, he saw action in the famed El Alamein desert conflict, and Harold continued to see further action in the African desert campaign until the battle of Wadi Akarit where he was wounded. Harold was at the Salerno landings in September 1943; Harold saw further service in Egypt, Palestine and Greece. He was posted in July 1946 to the 4th RTR in Northern Italy until being posted to the War Office in the UK until a further posting to the 3rd RTR in 1948 and served in Hong Kong July 1949. Harold received a further posting to in August 1951 to the 41st RTR. In September 1953 he joined the 5th RTR who were posted to Korea. Following his very busy postings, in 1955 Harold was ground liaison officer at RAF Celle in Germany. He returned to the UK to Catterick with the 5th RTR. Harold retired in June 1959. Harold is survived by his wife Kim, Sons Alan, David and Penelope his daughter.Our Condolences go out to them and we wish our comrade a safe journey to the Green Fields.

Peter Dey: It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Lt Colonel Peter Dey on the 27th December 2011 aged 88 years. Peter Dey was commissioned into 2 RTR in December 1942 and served as a Troop Leader throughout the Italian Campaign. He later commanded squadrons with the Fifth and Fourth, he gained an MBE as Brigade Major of 7th Armoured Brigade, and commanded the Fifth Royal Tank Regiment (1963-1966). His last appointment was AA&QMG at HQ 17 Div. in Malaya before he retired in 1968. He is survived by his son Michael and daughters Caroline and Annabel. Safe Journey old Comrade to those green fields beyond.

Rex Paul: It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Corporal Rex Paul to the Green Fields on 30th July 2011, aged 78. He served with the Colours for 20 years (April 1952 until February 1970). Rex saw service with the Fifth in Germany and Korea in B Squadron; he also served with the 1st Independent Squadron and 444 FD Squadron. Rex was a stalwart supporter of the B Squadron Old Comrades Association; Rex is survived by Helen, his wife and three children Neville, Grahame & Alison.Our Condolences go out to them and we wish our comrade a safe journey to the Green Fields.

Irwin Thornton: It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Trooper Irwin Thornton to the Green Fields on 25th August 2011 aged: 91. Irwin (Geordie) enlisted on the 15th January 1940 and was demobilised in July 1946. Geordie was drafted to the Northumberland Fusiliers but was shortly transferred to the Royal Armoured Corps, following his transfer to the Corps, he was drafted as part of a reinforcement contingent to the 7th Armoured Division in 1941, he was then posted to the 5th Royal Tank Regiment, then posted to B Squadron Recce Troop until his discharge. Geordie fought in the North African Campaign, he later landed at Salerno Italy with the Fifth. The Fifth were posted back to the UK to Thetford Forest, to prepare for “Operation Overlord” the “D” day invasion of Fortress Europe. Irwin landed on GOLD beach on “D” day, he was in the spearhead of attack in the Recce Troop in France and Germany right up to the Unconditional Surrender of the Germans in 1945, and he remained in Germany until his discharge in 1946. Geordie was born in Beddlington Northumberland on the 31st August 1919. Irwin courted Jenny Barrass and they were married by special licence in 1941 just before his posting to North Africa. Following his discharge he became a Miner at Cockgrave Colliery. On his retirement from the pit and having a family he finally moved to Murrow Nr Wisbech Cambs. Jenny passed to the Green Fields after 53 years of marriage to Geordie. He leaves, Michael, David and Dot his three children, seven Grandchildren and eight Great Grandchildren and the extended family. Our Condolences go out to them and we wish our comrade a safe journey to the Green Fields.

 John Houghton: It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Trooper John Haughton to the Green Fields on 28th July 2011 aged: 64. John joined the army in October 1963 and was demobilised in April 1973 after 10 years with the Colours. John served with the Fifth until disbandment in 1969, he was then posted to the 9/12 Lancers: John served in the United Kingdom, Germany and Northern Ireland, he was awarded the GSM (N/Ireland). John had attended the Fifths Reunions at Blackpool and he will be greatly missed by all his comrades with which he had served. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife Lynne, Alex, Lisa and Christopher, together with his five Grand Children. We wish you old comrade, a safe journey to the Green Fields.

Stanley Duncan Harrison: It is with deep regret that we report the passing of WO2 Stanley Harrison on the 4th June 2011 aged 71. Stanley enlisted in 1955 and served with the colours for 25 years. Stanley served with the Fifth from 1958 and was an AFV driver in HQ Sqn in Fallingbostel; Stanley also served with the Fifth in Borneo. Stanley transferred from the Fifth in 1965 to the 15/19 Kings Royal Hussars from which he was discharged in 1980 with the rank of WO2. He is survived by his Sons Anthony, Stephen and Daughter Susan. Our Condolences go out to them and we wish you old comrade a safe journey to the Green Fields.

S/Sgt John Limon; It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Staff Sergeant John Limon to the Green Fields on 30 October 2010 aged 79:John joined the army on the 18th January 1949 and was demobilised on the 16th May 1971 after having served for 23 years with the Colours.John served with various Tank Regiments but was with the Fifth from 1962 until the Regiment disbanded in 1969, he transferred into the Third until his completion of Colour Service in 1971.John Served in the Aden Campaign as well as having served in Jamaica, Belize, Aden, and Germany, He was the holder of the Arabian Peninsula and Long Service & Good Conduct Medals.John leaves his widow Maria after 58 years of marriage together with Children, Leonard, Samuel, Anita and Maria; 4 Grand Children and 8 Great Grandchildren.John was a REME man but at heart a TANKIE, a stalwart supporter of the Association and a founder member he will be greatly missed. Our condolances go out to all the Family and we wish him a safe journey to the Green Fields.

S/Sgt Alan Milnes: It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Staff Sergeant Alan Milnes on the 28th August 2010 aged 72, to the Green Fields. Alan Joined the Fifth Royal Tank Regiment at Fallingbostel in 1960 (H Squadron) where he was a Conquer tank driver. He transferred to B Squadron in 1967 for a tour in Aden, on return from Aden he re-joined H Squadron until the Fifth disbanded in 1969. He then transferred to the Second Royal Tank Regiment until his early release in 1978 with the rank of S/Sgt. Our thoughts and condolence go out to Pamela his wife of 53 years and their two sons Alan Jnr and Martin and his wife Claire with the two Grandchildren, Bradley and Holly. He will be greatly missed.Alan will be greatly missed by all of the 5th Royal Tank Regiment Reunion Association as he was one of its  most stalwart supporters

 RSM Cliff (Louie) Long MBE: it is with regret that we post the passing to the Green Fields Cliff Long on the 8 July 2010 age: 69 Cliff joined the Regiment at Fallingbostel in 1959 (B Sqn), he moved with the Regiment to Tidworth in 1965 he was posted to Leeds in 1966 as ACIO. On disbandment of the Regiment in 1969 he transferred to the 16/5 Lancers. He became RSM at the Junior Leaders Regiment in 1980 Bovingdon. He was posted on long service to Liverpool ACIO until retirement. Cliff was awarded his MBE in 1982 for his services to the Junior Leaders Regiment. Cliff leaves his Wife Pamela of 47 years and his two sons Steven and Darran. Our Condolences go out to them and we wish our comrade a safe journey to the Green Fields.

 Cpl Tony Giles: It is with regret that we post the passing to the Green Fields Tony Giles who passed away on the 21st March 2010. Aged 67. Tony joined "H" Squadron of the Regiment in 1960 and left in 1966. He served in Germany and Borneo. Tony leaves a widow and two daughters. Our Condolances go out to them and we wish our comrade a safe journey to the Green Fields.

 Major Dennis Cockbaine: It is with regret that we report the passing to the Green Fields  of Major Dennis Cockbaine who passed away on Thu 4th March 2010. Aged 89. In 1938, Dennis was a Trooper with the 1st Royal Gloster Hussars and called up in 1939 at the outbreak of WW11. He was commissioned in 1941 and joined 41 RTR in 1942 to fight at El Alamein. He spent the remainder of the war with Fifth RTR and fought through Italy and, finally, through France and Germany in command of B Squadron. He was demobilised in 1946. He then organised and chaired the “B Squadron Fifth Royal Tank Regiment OCA until 2008. (62yrs). A keen rugby player both regimentally and later with Bristol and Keynsham RFC, which he was appointed President of in 1972. He is survived by his wife Gladys, his daughter Sally and grand-daughter Victoria.

 SANDRA HARRISON: It is with regret that we report the passing to the Green Fields on Tuesday 15th February 2010. Aged 66. Sandra was the beloved wife for 48 years of Sgt Stanley Harrison ex 5 RTR(1958-69) and the daughter of Lt/Col Kenneth Hills also of the Fifth. Our condolences go out to Stanley and to Susan, Steven and Anthony and the six grandchildren at their sad loss. .

 Capt Phillip Willcox: It is with great regret that we post the passing of Phil Willcox on the 10th January 2010. Born 6th November 1924. Phil enlisted on the 30 October 1942. In 1943 he was posted to OCTU Blackdown and passed out four days before “D” day. Phil was kept in reserve and was very frustrated at not being posted to a Regiment. In March 1945 he at last was posted to C Sqn 44RTR just in time for the battle of Bremen. Later as a full Lieutenant he was posted to the Gunnery wing Lulworth. In November 1945 he was posted to 5 RTR as 2i/c Recce Sqn (Wilster, Itzehoe). In Feb 1946 Phil was at the Gunnery wing (RAC Schools) he was later promoted to Captain and was stationed at Warcop as O I/c Ranges. Phil had a very colourful 5 years service with the colours and was on the Z reserve until 1953.  Phil was a very staunch supporter of the Nottingham Branch of the Association. Safe journey old friend to the Green Fields.

 Cpl John Rickson: It is with regret that we post the passing of John on Wednesday 13th January 2010. At Worthing Hospital at the age of 77: John will be greatly missed as he, with his wife Beryl were very active in RTR circles and also in respect of the Korean Veterans, as John served with the Fifth in that theatre, as well as Germany and Barche, Libya.  John served with the Colours from January 1951 to May 1963  Our sincere condolences go out to Beryl and her Family.

  Harold (Dick) Murrell: It is with great regret that we post the passing of "Dickey" Murrell on the22nd June 2009. Born 7th January 1919 in Birmingham.Telling the Recruiting Officer that he was age 19 on that very day enlisted in the RTC on 7th January 1936.He attended Recruit training at Bovington in 450 Squad January to October 1936, And was Posted to 4th Bn RTC at Catterick. Drafted to 6th Bn RTC,Eygpt, February 1937. Dickey, Served with the 6th until March 1943. He attained the rank of WO2, and was Badly wounded at Sidi Rezegh November 1941. He returned to UK becoming SSM HQ Sqn 28 Armd Bde (9th Armoured Div) He was posted to 1st Fife & Forfar Yeomanry as SSM ‘A’ Sqn in NW Europe with F&F Yeo wh were equipped with Crocodile Flamethrowers. In June 1945 appointed RSM F&F Yeo. The F&F Yeo disbanded. He served with ERE in BAOR. He was then posted to 41st RTR (TA) Oldham, Lancs. Dickey then Served as RSM 68th Training Regiment Catterick. He was posted to 5 RTR as RSM in Hohne and embarked in 1953 with the regiment for Korea. He returned with the regiment to Libya at with the regiment at the time of the Suez Crisis. Dickey eventually commissioned as QM to the 7 RTR,this after 11 years 10 months as WO1 (RSM) He Served with the 4th BAOR, Malaya and Borneo.He Came  back  in May 1968 and was selected for compulsory redundancy! On leaving the service he obtained employment with the Road Transport Training Board as a Training Advisor for the county of Gloucestershire. He retired from the Training Board and settled in Cheltenham.He was involved in the capture of bank robber in Cheltenham in July 1985.Dicky leaves his wife, Karla, two daughters and six grandchildren.  

  DONALD SHEPHERD: It is with regret that we post the passing of Donald Shepherd on the 19th May 2008, Don served with the Fifth in the early 50 in B Squadron, he left the Regiment just before the Regiment embarked for Korea in 1953. Don was a stalwart of the Nottinghamshire Branch of the RTRA. He leaves a widow, Maureen and a Daughter Gail. Our condolances go out to them both.

TOM SORBY: For those that served with the regiment in Borneo in the late 60s we have had news that Tom Sorby has passed to the Green Fields (May 2008) Tom was one of three Fijians who were recruited by the British Army and served with the Fifth, there were two others, George Shute and Louis Ting (still with us) If you knew Tom and want any additional information, please contact Joe Bell

NORMAN (TUG) WILLISON: With Regret we post the passing of  Capt Norman (Tug) Willison who passed to the Green Fields on the 27th January 2008, Tug was with the 5th and was well known as SSM of C Squadron and he finished as a Captain Tug had been in hospital for some time, our condolances to Linda and the family

EDWARD O'CONNELL: With Regret we post the passing of Edward (Paddy) O'Connell Sadly Paddy passed to the Green Fields on the 24th January suddenly, he had not been ill. Paddy,served with the 5th as a crewman Dvr/Gnr.  our condolances to Emma and the family.

STAN GOODYEAR: With regret we post the passing of RSM Stan Goodyear who passed to the Green Fields on the 6th January 2008. Stan was a Chelsea Pensioner and served as SSM B Squadron in the 5th. Stan was posted on promotion to RSM to the 2nd. Stans Wife Ursula predeceased him just over a year ago. Stan leaves a son and a daughter

RONALD PERCY: With regret we post the passing of S/Sgt Ronald Percy who passed to the Green Fields on 11th November 2007.

 David Richard Nelson: It is with regret that we post the passing of "RICK" on the 17th April 2009. Rick will be greatly missed as he was a stalwart member of the 5 RTRRA. He joined the Army  in October 1958 and served with the colours for 26 years. He served with the 5th and 3rd Tanks, in the UK, Germany and Northern Ireland. Rick was well known in the 5th as he used to drive the PRI bus. Our sincere Condolances go out to Margaret and her family.

Tom Bridgwater: It is with regret that we post the Passing of Tom on the 25th October 2008. Tom was a great supporter of the 5 RTRRA and will be greatly missed.Tom enlisted at Wolverhampton on the 22nd January 1951, he served with the Colours for over 22 years. He served with the Regiment up until their disbandment in 1969 He rose through the ranks and became a Sergeant Instructor. Tom  leaves a daughter Elizabeth and Son-In-Law Stan. A photograph can be seen in the Rogues Gallery.