Local U3A Networks


Chinnor, Haddenham, Thame and Ridgeway (CHATTR)

The Haddenham U3A is linked in a local grouping with Chinnor, Thame and District, Greater Thame and Ridgeway U3As, collectively called CHATTR, which arranges some combined meetings.

The Chairmen of the local U3As, CHATTR, decided that these U3As are too far away from the Thames to get involved in the TVN Riverside Project but that if a similar project could be undertaken for the local River Thame this would complement the main project.

The Aims of the project:

1 - To find out more about our local river, the Thame, the brooks and streams that flow into it, and the history and points of interest of the area.

2 - To organise walks, both short and long, based around the River Thame and its feeder streams, with information on places of interest.

3 - To get volunteers from the 5 U3A’s working together.

4 - To make a presentation on the River Thame, its streams and surrounding area

 The project is being co-ordinated by Rob Byles of Thame & District U3A If you are interested in getting involved please contact Rod on 01844 213420 or pam6768rod@btinternet.com



Thames Valley U3A Network (TVN)

The Thames Valley U3A Network is an umbrella organisation for 39 U3A groups in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.  Its role is to:

  • organise and run conferences, lectures, seminars, courses;
  • publish books, pamphlets, reports, leaflets, journals, instructional matter and to produce films and videos;
  • participate in and assist in the development of neighbourhood and networked groupings of U3As.

During 2011, the TVN Riverside project is running a series of events led by different member U3As around the general theme of the Thames Riverside. A copy of the latest newsletter of this project can be downloaded from here. A copy of the full Riverside Project Diary can be accessed here.

 Further information about the Thames Valley Network, its annual programme, events and publications can be found on its website at  www.u3atvnetwork.org.uk  


South Eastern Region (SER)

There are some events run by the South East Region which contains 148 U3As, and there are national events under the auspices of The Third Age Trust which covers over 700 U3As with a total membership exceeding 208,000. 

The website for the South East Region may be accessed by clicking here


Network Events

TVN Study Day - Gilbert & Sullivan

18 Oct 2017


Harwell Village Hall, Harwell OX11 0EX



TVN Study Day - Aspects of Archaeology in the Thames Valley

15 Nov 2017 Benson Parish Hall, Benson, Oxon OX10 6LZ 



(full with waiting list)

TVN Workshop- Speakers & Speaking

23 Nov 2017 Benson Parish Hall, Benson, Oxon OX10 6LZ 





Network Notices

Gilbert & Sullivan Study Day - Wednesday 18 October 2017

We are privileged to have as our speaker Bernard Lockett who describes himself as a lifelong Gilbert & Sullivan enthusiast. He has written 2 books on the subject and since 2005, has been a trustee of The International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival (now in its 24th year) based in Harrogate. He works with the National Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company, which headlines the festival and then tours. For the past 8 years, Bernard has spoken about G & S to various clubs and societies and has broadcast on BBC Radios 2, 3 and 4 and has appeared on the ‘The Andrew Marr Show’ on BBC1. The programme will be punctuated by excerpts of their works on DVD and CD.

TVN Study Day - Aspects of Archaeology in the Thames Valley - Wednesday 15 November 2017

The day will uncover the activities of Thames Valley communities across a 1000 years through the archaeological record. Topics presented by leading Thames Valley archaeologists will include Iron Age hill forts, the development of a Roman town, how a Roman community became Saxon, how one site became a modern city, notable local archaeological finds and how we try to understand daily life in pre-history.


09.45 Registration and coffee

10.10   Welcome

10.15   Recent excavations in and around Silchester:     Prof Mike Fulford, Professor of Archaeology, University of Reading

11.05   Not all that glistens is gold:    Anni Byard, Portable Antiquities Scheme - Oxfordshire

11.40   break

11.50   From Roman to early Anglo-Saxon - transforming Dorchester-on-Thames:    Paul Booth, Senior Project Manager, Oxford Archaeology

12.40   Lunch

13.40   Adventures in Experimental Archaeology:   Dr Jennifer Foster, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Reading

14.15   Living with the White Horse:    Prof Gary Lock, Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, University of Oxford

13.05  Westgate Oxford: a prehistoric floodplain, a medieval Friary, Civil War defences and Victorian terraces:    Ben Ford, Senior Project Manager, Oxford Archaeology

16.00   End

The Study Day Fee is £15.00. This includes coffee/tea on arrival and a sandwich lunch.


TVN Workshop - Speakers & Speaking - Thursday 23 November 2017

This workshop is a ‘must’ for all Speaker / Programme Secretaries as it will cover everything from how to find good speakers right through to thanking them as they
finish. It is also intended for those who wish to improve their presentation skills, whether that is presenting to an Interest Group, announcing notices at meetings or
making the vote of thanks. Learn some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ and maybe even practice in an informal, friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Facilitators for the day are Avis Furness, Susie Berry, Margaret Rumens and Irene Manson.

The morning programme will consist of two presentations with a break between them and after lunch we will split into practical workshops before
we come together again for final questions to the facilitators.