Local History Group



The Local History Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 2pm. The venue will vary depending on the nature of the meeting

The objective of the group is to learn about the local history of Haddenham and its surrounds by means of talks, videos, guided walks, visits and research.

The group will maintain a rolling programme of future meetings, and a list of places to visit and people who may be able to give talks.

Information will be gathered from the past programmes of other local history groups and U3A groups (eg Cuddington, Thame, Chinnor and Stone).

Local history research will be encouraged into such topics as: the world wars, oral histories, manorial records, burial grounds, shops and businesses, the industrial estate, familiy histories, and the histories of houses and buildings, clubs and societies.

Members conducting research will be given the opportunity to share their findings at meetings of the group. 



Any incidental costs incurred by the group will be met by donations from members. Charges will vary according to the cost of the events. 


 Next Events 


Meeting for those interesting in researching documents

20 Sep 2017

14.00 hrs Methodist Church, High Street, Haddenham
Centre For Buckinghamshire Studies in Aylesbury

Fri 29 Sep 2017

14.00 hrs Access to CBS is by a door round the bottom end of County Hall (not via the main library, main reception or reference library)
Bucks Local History Network - Annual Conference 30 Sep 2017

Starts 10.00 hrs

Ends 16.15 hrs

AVDC's Oculus Centre in Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury.
  25 Oct 2017

14.00 hrs

Meet at Thame Museum, High Street, Thame
TVN Study Day - Aspects of Archaeology in the Thames Valley 15 Nov 2017

starts 09.45 hrs

ends 16.00 hrs

see Local U3A Networks page
Film on The Home Front in Bucks 22 Nov 2017

14.00 hrs

Methodist Church, High Street, Haddenham


Group Notices


Wednesday 25 October - Thame Wall Paintings
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 25 October at 2pm when we will visit Thame Museum to have a presentation about the Thame wall paintings, followed by a chance to see them. These Elizabethan wall paintings are displayed in a special room which has been refurbished with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The presentation by Lindsey Wiemers will consider the background history and context of the paintings and consider what they can tell us about Thame in the Elizabethan era. It will be followed by a cup of tea or coffee and a chance to look at the paintings in small groups, as well as look round the rest of the museum (which, if you haven't visited it before, is well worth seeing).
The museum is a charity and we will make a donation of £4 each.
Please let me know by   Friday 13 October if you will be attending, so that I can tell them approximate numbers.

Wednesday 22 November - The Home Front in Bucks

The November meeting will be on Wednesday 22 November at 2pm in the Methodist Church when we will see a film about the Home Front in Bucks in the First World War.

TVN Study Day - Aspects of Archaeology in the Thames Valley - Wednesday 15 November 2017

Group members may be interested in this event being put on by the Thames Valley Network at Benson Village Hall.

Go to the Local U3A Networks page for further details and booking application form.

Local History Research

Some U3A groups work on research into local history. We  have not done much of this recently, although our links to the museum and Haddenham Chronicles contribute to this. Would anyone like to propose  developing  a research project? I would be happy to advise on sources, in particular about what the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies can offer in its excellent archive in Aylesbury, not to mention the resources of the Bucks Archaeological Society (which I encourage everyone to join).

Steve Sharp  on 01844 290579 or stephsharp@aol.com

Planning for 2017

Possibilities for later months - 
Charity in Thame since 1447,talk by Steve Sharp ;
Zachariah Pearson, Man of Hull- to to mark Hull's year of culture,talk by Marian Shaw, local history researcher and author of a new biography;
expert talk on current archaeological digs at Thame new housing site;
I'll circulate more precise information as time goes by.
It would be very helpful if you could let me know provisionally whether you plan to join these visits as I know some of you have already been to Rycote and Broughton. (I realise that the visits cost more than our usual).
I'll be inviting other U3A groups to join us at Wotton and Broughton.
Please keep having ideas!

Car Sharing

If you wish to share a car for one of our events, please put your name and contact number in one of the available seats on the slips provided at the U3A General Meetings.  Otherwise, please telephone 290579 and leave a message



Joining the Group 

 If you wish to join us, please contact: 

Steve Sharp on 01844 290579 or stephsharp@aol.com