French Conversation


This is essentially an Intermediate French Conversation Group, that is for those who have some knowledge, but may be rusty and want to improve their French. The  Group meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month for two hours from 12.45 to 14.45 hrs.

The venue  has returned to the Seven Stars at Dinton.

The group is open to all who wish to improve and practise their spoken French, subject to a practical limit on the number of members (ie please don't just turn up without checking first!). The tutor, Odie Sulley, will assess the different skill levels and organise matched groups for small group activities. She has a lot of experience running conversation groups and has lots of useful and interesting materials and exercises. There may be a little preparation needed before meetings, but it will not be onerous.

For those who feel their French is very rusty and may be apprehensive about speaking it, Odie assures us that we will be pleasantly surprised what starts to come back after a while. Recent research on the ageing brain has shown speaking foreign languages to be a great way to help keep a lively and keen mind.

 Anyone wishing to join the group should, in the first instance, contact Paul Dickinson on 01844 215140 or


There is currently a charge of £8 per 2-hour session or preferably £40 for a complete term of 6 sessions.


Next Events

Group Meeting 11 Dec 2017 12.45 - 14.45 hrs Seven Stars, Dinton



Group Notices

Please note that our meetings have returned to The Seven Stars at Dinton. We will meet from 12.45 - 14.45 hrs on the second and fourth Monday of each month.

Extra members of the group are welcome. The level is reasonable conversational and we are still working with a native French tutor so there is a cost of £6 per two hour session.

Organiser Paul Dickinson,  01844 215140 or,


Joining the Group

If you wish to join us, please contact: 

Paul Dickinson on 01844 215140 or