Dance Group


The Dance Group currently meets weekly for 90 minutes  at 12.15hrs each Thursday at


Haddenham Village Hall
Banks Park
Bucks HP17 8EE                           




Since the Group formed, there have been have been sessions for English country dancing, disco dance, Scottish country dance, belly dancing, line dancing and Zumba. Members may suggest other styles as well. However, in recent months we have settled on Square Dancing. The emphasis of this group is on ENJOYMENT, whilst learning all the square dancing moves.  


Advice on clothing and footwear:   leather soles are always best if possible. Ideally NOT trainers or anything that has grip on the soles because it can cause problems with knees and ankles if you are sticking to the floor too much, and also restricts the foot flexibility. Loose, comfortable clothing is good so as to allow free movement. You may like to bring a bottle of water to sip on, as it can be thirsty work.






 The group will need to cover the hire costs for the hall and, possibly, the costs of a teacher. A small charge will be collected at each meeting 


 Next Events 


Square Dancing 

7 Dec 2017

12.15 - 13.45 hrs  Haddenham Village Hall 
Square Dancing 

14 Dec 2017

12.15 - 13.45 hrs  Haddenham Village Hall 



Group Notice  


Square Dancing

Our sessions continue weekly through to 14 December, with exceptions of 10 and 21 August, when there will be no dancing.
Looking forward to seeing all the regulars and any members, new or long standing, who would like to come along and give it a go.  The dancing is not too strenuous but does keep both the body and brain active. 
Theresa on 01296 747893 or



 Joining the Group 


 If you wish to join us, please contact: 

Theresa Smith on 01296 747893