Computer Group


The Computer Group meets on the first Friday of each month (except August) at 2.30pm at

Chiltern Room
Chinnor Village Centre
High Street
OX39 4DH                                      

The Group meets jointly with other local U3As under the leadership of Chinnor U3A. It is a self interest group with the topics decided by the participants, and tuition provided by the more experienced members. Topics can range from advice on selection of equipment and software through basic techniques to advice and problem-solving. The meetings are not hands-on training sessions as such, but tutors will work with individuals and the group as required.

The Clinics provide a forum where you can raise any computing issues you may have in the hope that the combined experience of the group will be able to help. Of course, pressing issues can be raised at the end of any meeting.



An attendance fee of £2.00 is levied on the day to cover the room rental.


Next Events 

Clinic & iPad / iPhone 2 Feb 2018 14.30 hrs Chinnor Village Centre, High Street, Chinnor
Computer Shop - Gary 2 Mar 2018 14.30 hrs Chinnor Village Centre, High Street, Chinnor
Sandbox , Virtual Machines - Chas 6 Apr 2018 14.30 hrs Chinnor Village Centre, High Street, Chinnor
tba 4 May 2018 14.30 hrs Chinnor Village Centre, High Street, Chinnor
Clinic & networks, Communications 1 Jun 2018 14.30 hrs Chinnor Village Centre, High Street, Chinnor


Group Notice 

Friday 2 February - Clinic + Tablets

Perhaps these meetings should be called open forums rather than clinics because the audience can set the agenda, raising issues, asking for help or passing on tips or advice on anything computer related..

To give a focus we nominate a topic to launch the meeting. On Friday we can review the range of Apple products in particular so if you are an advanced Apple user you will be especially welcome to advise us on the features that apple provides. The products range from the watch through iPhones, iPads to desktop PCs.

Robin PW

Computing Guides

I recently received an email with the following info that you might appreciate.

I wrote some computing guides as follow-ups to my group sessions. I have been surprised at the numbers of visits from other U3A’s who are using them as standalone guides. They seem to be meeting a need, still attracting just over 300 visits each month after two years of use. Members of your computing group, may find them of interest.

They can be accesses through Google via Ravenshead U3A. When on the web page go to groups and then select computing group. On the right hand side of the computer group page is a link to the guides.

The guides can be accessed directly at 

Robin PW


Colin found this explanation of how the internet works

Dorrie discovered this while she was away:

Google VIBER and find out about it. If you have an iPhone, smartphone, blackberry or android, providing the person you are calling also has it, your calls and texts are free. A bit like Skype but this is an anytime thing - the other person does not have to be sitting in front of their computer.

 The Group does not meet in August



















Joining the Group 

If you wish to join us, please contact:

(for Haddenham U3A members) Eileen Monks on 01844 216033 or

(Group Organiser) Robin Preston-Whyte at or on 01844 350382