Marsh Lane Residents Association – Constitution

  1. Name of the Association: Marsh Lane Residents (MLRA – Melra)
  2. Aims of MLRA:
    • Protecting the rural lifetstyle of the residents of Marsh Lane and Ye Meads, Taplow in South Buckinghamshire.
    • Ensuring the Security & Safety of Marsh Lane & Ye Meads residents
    • Enhancing the Environment and green credentials of the area.
    • Raising the profile of  Marsh lane/Ye Meads, increasing residents’ participation in local decision- making, and speaking as one voice.
  3. Membership:
    • Membership shall be open to all residents of Marsh Lane and Ye Meads at or above the minimum the age of 18, regardless of political, ethnic or religious background. Each member will have an individual vote. MLRA will enforce equal opportunity policy for all members.
  4. Membership Fee/Subscription:
    • Members shall make a voluntary annual donation to MLRA. This is recommended by the Committee to be a minimum of £5 per household.
    • The Committee can also invite additional donations to raise monies for special projects if required.
  5. The Committee:
    • The MLRA Committee shall be elected to carry out the business of the Marsh Lane Residents association.
    • The MLRA Committee will be made up of no less than 3 and a maximum of 9-members.
    • The Committee will be made up of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Chairman, and other General Members. An independent Financial Auditor will also be appointed.
    • The Committee will be elected at the “Annual General Meeting” (AGM). Vacancies arising throughout the year will be filled by elections at “General Meetings.”
    • Officers will carry out the duties given to them at the General Meetings.
    • The Committee shall meet every 4-months and at an AGM, but no less than 3-times per year.
    • Minutes of the meeting will be produced by the Secretary and signed by both the Chairman & Secretary.
    • Minutes of Committee meetings shall be available to all members.
    • The Committee will have the mandate to appoint “Sub-Committees” to address specific issues. These must report back to the main committee.
  6. Annual General meeting:
    • There will be an MLRA Annual General Meeting held once a year in September (end) at which the Committee will report on its work, present a statement of accounts and stand down to seek re-election.
    • The AGM will elect a new Committee for the Marsh Lane Residents Association, vote on recommendations and make any amendments to the constitution.
    • The Secretary will notify all members about the AGM meeting no less than 14-days before the day of the meeting.
  7. Other General Meetings:
    • There will be a “General Meeting” open to all members every 6-months, one of which will be the AGM.
    • An “Exceptional General Meeting” will be held and open to all members if 4 or more households submit in writing a request for such a meeting to the Secretary. The Secretary will arrange for this meeting to take place within 14-days.
    • The Secretary will publicise all General Meetings at least 14-days in advance.
  8. Quorum:
    • No General  Meeting or Annual General Meeting will take place if less than 7 members are.
    • Where the Quorum for a General meeting has not been met the meeting will be rescheduled within 28-days at which time the meeting will proceed regardless of whether the quorum has been met.
    • No Committee Meeting shall take place if less than 3-Committee Members are present.
  9. Decision-Making Process:
    • The Chairman will allow proper debate of items on the AGENDA but should seek the agreement of the meeting to curtail lengthy discussion on items that have not been allowed e.g., a matter arising from a “minute” or an item from “Any Other Business”. He has the right to cut short contributions which unnecessarily prolong debate or because the meeting will not have enough time for other items on the Agenda.
    • The minute-taker also has the right to bring the meeting to order.
    • Any member can make a proposal but it must be put on the agenda by notifying any committee member.
    • Only voting members present at the meeting may vote.
    • No member shall exercise more than one vote.
    • An idea requires a “SIMPLE MAJORITY” of the votes cast to be carried. The exception is any proposed change to the Constitution.
    • Votes are taken by a show of hands and the Chairman gives the results with the Secretary checking to conform result.
    • In the event of an equal vote the Chairman has the casting vote.
    • In Committee Meetings only Committee Members will vote and the Chairman will have the casting vote or abstain if the vote is equal.
  10. Changing the Constitution:
    • Changes to the MLRA Constitution can only be made at an AGM.
    • Any suggested changes must be submitted to the MLRA Secretary 14-days before the AGM.
    • Changes must be agreed by TWO-THIRDS of members present at the meeting