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AVDC approved the TAYLOR WIMPEY planning application for 42 houses off Weston Road despite the fact that Great Horwood has a Neighbourhood Plan which does not include development on this site. We have managed to get the application called in by the Secretary of State who will now make the final decision on whether the development should go ahead. The Public Inquiry will take place from 15th to 18th March 2016 in Aylesbury.

Bucks County Council Local Transport Plan 4 Click here to view. Consultation finishes on 29th January

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* Thornborough & Coombs Woodlands Enterprise trust.  Click here to download more information and a map


Funding for local causes is always difficult however, have you tried the Aylesbury Vale Lottery?  The Lottery was set up specifically to help community projects.  For More details check their website

Our Neighbourhood PlanAt the AVDC Strategic Development Management Committee that took place on 23rd September the Planning Application (14/01540/APP) by Taylor Wimpey for 42 homes on land off Weston Road was approved on the casting vote of the Chairman of the Committee Michael Edmonds after the committee voted  4 in favour and 4 against.

This plan is in direct contravention of the Great Horwood Neighbourhood Plan and will effectively destroy the plan which was produced over 3 to 4 years by hundreds of hours of work by many volunteeers and was passed at our referendum in March of this year with 91% in favour on a turnout of just over 60% - still believed to be the highest turnout for any Neighbourhood Plan referendum that has so far taken place in the whole of England

The Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP has written on behalf of the Parish Council to Greg Clark (the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government)  asking him to call in the planning application - so that he can decide instead of AVDC whether it should be approved or refused. So all residents of the parish who support our Neighbourhood Plan should write or email in support of our plan and against the Taylor Wimpey application  to John Bercow and/or Greg Clark at the following email addresses.                                                                                                           



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