Latest News

Ballasting is finished on the '0' gauge layout Dewhurst and has been painted. JohnB has started putting foam edging to the 'public' side of the layout, with the intention of producing a shallow bank at the edge of the baseboards. He has now 'grassed' it.


The platforms are all finished on the 00 layout. All points and motors have been installed, with most of the track laid. Some sidings need to be permanently laid. The Branch line has now been reconnected to the rest of the trackwork and can be run using a separate controller (DC or DCC). However until all the points are operable there is no access to the main lines.

The track in the West Yard has been laid so Geoff is finishing the scenic shapes, and has put a retaining wall along the edge of the yard. Fred has started to green up the area of the 'quarry'. Geoff has continued the landscaping across the board join into this area including the road underpass. This has been painted and had static 'grass' added. This yard is to be mainly for coal, so we will need some coal staithes to be built.

The East Yard has its track in place, and we have ended up with three sidings. The Cattle Dock will be sited here, and the existing Goods Shed that used to be in the original yard has been moved here too - it fits better and it leaves the West Yard for coal only. JohnB as well as building the cattle dock has also added a timber store giving us plenty of scope for wagon deliveries and shunting.

MikeB meantime is continuing to wire up the main frame that sits under the central station baseboard. All the cabling from the baseboards will congregate here. Consequently there is a large backplate to this frame carrying all the sockets, this is what is in the process of being wired up. Most of the point motors and sections have now been connected to their distribution boards. MikeB is now laying in the 'umbilical' cables that will connect these distribution boards to the main frame.


On the 009 layout JohnB has now added the quarry baseboard that fits at right angles to the main run of boards. Several successful running sessions were had, ostensibly in preparation for attending the Flaunden Festival which unfortunately never happened. The baseboards have now been put into store again, while further work is done by the Chairman on the old 00 station baseboards.